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Microsoft hiring developers to build apps for Windows 7 mobiles OS

Apple and Google are well developed in the field of Mobile and Mobile applications. And now, Microsoft is picking up its pace now by introducing many handsets and building mobile applications for its Windows 7 mobiles by employing developers. The senior director of Microsoft Todd Brix said that, “Microsoft is giving financial support with various free tools and test handsets for development and marketing. Also, the company is ready to give funds even if in any case the apps are not selling as expected.”

Microsft application store

Microsoft has refurbished its flagship handset OS Windows 7 in order to make up for the loss in shares to Apple and Google. It is necessary for Microsoft to build more apps on navigation, games, music and others for its future handsets to attract its customers. ABI Research analyst Kevin Burden said that, “Few developers are unwilling to sign up till they are sure that Windows phone would attract its consumers.” Burden added that “They still don’t want to admit that windows apps would arrive in future. If they are ready to pay if something bad happens then this may look a good strategy to get many developers to work for them.” Brix said that, “In Redmond, Microsoft has got similar strategy of compensation programs for its older versions of Mobile OS and also ready to give larger funds”. Microsoft is not ready to say how much they are ready to fund.

Brix stated that, “We are ready to invest more money and resources to draw more developers for Windows 7 phone in order to make them to work better with it to achieve success for us. We are ready to invite and work with all of them. According to Steve Ballmer (CEO), Microsoft has ‘missed a generation’. Microsoft needs some boost up for its mobile development field“.

According to 5 people from Microsoft, the company has approached 4 app developers and made them settlements (funds and resources) in order to develop apps for windows 7 phone before its release. The information was not revealed fully as it was confidential.

Apple has about 225,000 apps available for the iPhone, while devices that run on Google’s Android operating system have access to some 65,000. Apple and Google’s Android phones have got nearly 225,000 and 65,000 apps respectively. But, Microsoft had got only 246 apps at the end of 2009.

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