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Asustek – Low Priced, Eee Note E-Reader, EA-800 Released

On Monday 29 November 2010, Asustek Computer released the Eee Note EA-800. It is an 8” inch touch screen E-Reader that can be operated or can be used for taking notes with an help of a stylus. According to the Executives from Asustek Computer, this Eee Note EA-800 will be available in Taiwan for an expected cost of USD 228 (NT$6,999), later this week.

The Eee Reader DR-900 from Asus that is already on sale, is a 9” inch Digital Ink Screen that is available for a price of USD 391 (NT$11,988) in Taiwan.

Asustek ereader

The major difference between these two models which also resulted in the reduction in price is the Eee Note EA-800 E-Reader’s cheaper screen. The display screen is made of monochrome touch screen LCD that has resolutions of 1024 x 768. Whereas, the Eee Reader DR-900 made of an E-Paper screen made up of Sipix Imaging, a competitor to E Ink Corp’s famous screens.

The General Manager and the Vice President of Eee system business unit, Samson Hu from the Asustek said that, “The total cost pattern for the Eee reader is really costly”. He added that, the Eee note is constructed with the basic parts of a PC and thus resulting in a lower price compared to the Eee Reader.

Along with the cost, the other major difference between the two is its battery life. When the Eee Note is used continuously, the Note will be run only for 13.5 hours or less.  Whereas, the Eee Reader can work contently up to 2 weeks without having to charge it up. The reason is that, LCD screens requires more power for its image displaying, whereas the E-Paper display needs only small power for displaying images.

The features of the Eee Note are the Linux OS, software to view E-Books, taking notes, recording the class notes, drawing, a 2 MP camera that lets you take pictures, listening to songs or class notes with a help of a 3.5 mm headphone jack and lot others.

This device can get connected with the internet with the help of Wi-Fi and can download contents from different service providers local to the location sold or globally anywhere. The island’s United Daily News group UDN.com is responsible for the devices sold in Taiwan.

Based on the info from Asustek, the Eee Note is already on sale this week and will be available for sale in Hon Kong soon. The device is expected to be sold during the end of this year or the start of the next year in the European Countries like Russia, Germany and Italy. Later during the 1st quarter of 2011, the device will be on sale in China. Also, the U.S can have it from the first quarter of next year 2011.

During Mar 2009, the Eee Reader was launched. Just like the Eee Note, the Reader was featuring Wi-Fi and can be connected to a PC in order to charge the batteries or for providing sync with a PC.

You can use additional memory SD cards in both device, in addition with the 4 GB inbuilt memory for Eee Note and the 2GB inbuilt memory for Eee Reader.