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San Francisco Police arrested a thief within 9 minutes, thanks to iPhone app

In San Francisco, It was reported that a man who stole an iPhone from a lady’s hand, was caught by police within 9 minutes after the incident. The major part was not played by Police but it was the iPhone which was tracking the thief’s location.

Apple iphone theft case
Actually, the woman is a worker for the software maker from the Mountain View Covia Labs, who took the phone outside environment to test the working of newly designed real time tracker app.

The CEO of Covia Labs David Kahn had sent his worker (the woman) to the outdoor in order to display the use of the app. At that time, Horatio Toure (the thief) snatched the mobile and went fast in his bicycle.

Kahn was watching a live map of the phone’s location on a computer and says he was immediately struck by how quickly the image began moving down the street.

Kahn, who was watching the location of the phone (in woman’s hand) with his PC, suddenly noticed that the iPhone’s location was moving very fast in the street. This was immediately informed to the police and they caught the thief with the help of this iphone tracking application.

Toure was arrested by the police within 9 minutes and the lady identified him to be the thief.

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