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Google Goggles – My personal review

Google goggles personal reviewWelcome to the world of interactive search engines, as Google introduces its new synergistic search. We have all experienced using Google; it has a very simple and precise way of searching things via the words given by the user. So basically Google takes the keywords given by the user and link to all the various sites which has some substantial data related to it.

Thus, to take a step ahead in the field of visual search Google introduced its new product named as Google goggles. The name may sound humorous but its function is highly impressive. You just have to click a picture from the android phone, having the Google goggles application, and just Google goggles. It will give all the information related to that picture. For example, at the launch of Google goggles a picture of a bottle of wine was clicked by an android phone. When this picture was ran through Google goggles it showed that the bottle contains some apricots. You can use goggles to find various things like CD covers, bar codes, logos and labels. To read the text Google goggles uses optical character recognition for reading logos and labels.

Google goggles is an android application, which recognises the picture clicked and gives the search related to it as to what is there in that picture. Right now it recognises various pictures of different landmarks, books, places, contact info, labels and logos. It is working on recognising various other aspects like plants, fruits etc.
In layman language, internet means Google. To find any info you just have to know how and what to Google right. And if you don’t know what it is just click a picture and goggles will tell you all about it. This is the latest advancement in the arena of visual search. This application can be very useful in revealing out all the undercover secrets of the corruption happening and can be send on and can be known to each and everyone. This new creation will give advanced knowledge about different things from the educational aspects of the growing children. For that instance any individual, will be curious to know about the thing if he sees something new and knows absolutely nothing about it. This application on the broader scale can help us differentiate between the texture and looks of lookalike things which have totally different characteristics.

With the help of different technologies available today like image processing we can clearly notice even the minute details in the picture. Thus, with this we can conclude that Google goggles is a boon in the field of visual communication.

The Revolutionary change-IPTV (IPTV Training)

IPTV TRAININGAs the technology advances, access to internet advances, the entertainment industry has also become more technologically profound. Often the more amazing technology less likely it is to triumph, but surely it widens the scope for a whole new genre of creativity. The internet has become a great equalizer making geography and distance irrelevant and opening the world to collaborate in ways no one could have possibly imagined.

Coming to the latest advances of internet is the “Internet TV”. This is an entirely new television with a new idea rather than new infrastructure. The IPTV as it is referred to in general; it is more of a revolutionary change from what is existing today. It provides true personalization and two way interactivity. It empowers the user the freedom of choice and access to on demand content, just a click away. It variegate from the regular set of television box by different alternatives to choose from. It is more facile to build an IPTV connection than those which we have now in existence using cables, antennas, satellite discs etc.

The Internet TV can have the edge over the other conventional TV due to its interactivity and easy access. Anyone can reconcile their ideas and can innovate anything and just publish, that’s about it the world can now access that innovation anytime they want. It is an open platform, it has enormous implications if you think it through .To the layman, this service is just like a website which displays screens with pages designed in different mark up languages like HTML/JAVA etc which is stored on a web server that a web browser in a setup box requests and displays. Where it differs from is the richness of multimedia displayed and in CRM (customer resource management).This openness and interoperability makes the service transferable and can work on any platform. Like for instance you build up goodguy.com, that once published can be accessed by all the IPTV platforms simultaneously.

The data and content generated by the users is exponential in its popularity and is applicative in everyday life. And IPTV technology beautifies it by giving the full freedom to explore new things which no other TV can do. But where comes the comfort comes the afflict. To maintain the IPTV services you need broadcast rights which differ from country to country. To maintain the HD (high definition) quality of the multimedia high cost is needed and also the quality of the audio video varies with the internet speed the minimum speed required is 1500 kbps as HD is highly sensitive to bandwidth, high bandwidth is to be maintained. So the bet is to invest in LLU (local loop unbundling) via NTL which allows multiple telecommunication connections, rather than using IP(internet protocol) as their transmission media through coax cables. There are many technical hurdles but when we can use it for watching video on you tube, providing IPTV services wouldn’t be a tough job.

The IPTV is existing in the market but the usage is minimal. As also we can say that the infrastructure has not much potential in technology to use IPTV on a wider scale. But as it is said with time everything changes and so good and developing changes are expected in this field.