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Kodak Playsport, a Waterproof Camcorder Up To 3 Metres

The Kodak Playsport is offering something very much special to all the people who enjoy the outdoors. The special thing of Playsport is that it is a waterproof camcorder.

The appearance of the Kodak Playsport is rugged and has a rubber casing. This Playsport comes with a 2 inch screen. It can be obtained in 4 different colours and they are purple, brown, white and blue colours. The front part of the Playsport is made up of plastic and which has 4 function buttons and they are 4-way navigation buttons, pictures, videos and record in addition to it review and delete. On the side of this camcorder there is a flap for charger and battery pack and HDMI input. The flap is really stiff and keeps out all the water. This camcorder is waterproof up to 3 metres, but we can’t say that whether the water seepage into it or not if it is under the water for such a long time.

Caution: Once after every use of the camcorder transfer all the videos and switch off the camcorder and dry it.

This Kodak Playsport waterproof camcorder set comes with a HDMI cable which is used to connect to your television. The HDMI cables which is quite expensive which costs around at least 1000.

Although the camcorder is not claimed it has a shockproof device. We did some test and it worked perfectly. In our test we tested its waterproof capability; we submerged it into a backed of water and also placed in a shower and also even tried in the rains. In all the 3 cases there was no problem in the camera.

This camcorder comes with a 5.3 MP camera, 4x zoom where you can take high quality pictures and also videos in 1080p full HD. The internal memory of this camera is just 128 MB where you can shoot a 5 sec of HD video. The video quality is excellent even while taking moving shots. The various other features of this camcorder are face detection, a glare shield to cut off the extra sunlight for the daytime video capture and an underwater mode.

The videos can be easily transferred by simply doing drag and drop and it is well-suited with the PCs and Macs. It comes with preloaded video editing software which makes it easy for you to upload the videos and pictures to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

This Kodak Playsport, a waterproof camcorder is available at a price of Rs 7,300.

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