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New iPod Touch 4th Generation with New Features

New iPod Touch 4th Generation with New Features. iPod Touch 4g next generation drives so much on the fun already the video promo we see below: with the speed of processor A4The gyroscope triax 3- axis , the interface iOS 4.1 and in particular the new screen Retina display will be the ideal way to enjoy the games Game Center.

In addition to the rear camera that records HD video the new iPod Touch 4G includes the camera FaceTime – identical to that of iPhone 4 – for video calls via WiFi. And now prices iPod Touch 4th generation are: the version 8GB at $ 229 , the 32GB for $ 299 and more 64GB for $ 399 .

New iPod Touch 4th Generation, New iPod Nano, New iPod Shuffle

iPod Touch 4th Generation. The iPod touch received a thorough upgrade. The new iPod touch 4th generation also gets a Retinal Display, one camera on the front that can be used for FaceTime VideoChat, a camera at the back which you can film in HD and A4 fast processor in the iPhone is used 4. And all this fits into a housing that is slightly thinner than the previous version. The New iPod touch 4th Gen comes in 8GB ($ 229), 32GB ($ 299) or 64GB ($ 399) memory.

The new iPod Nano version looks like the iPod shuffle, but without buttons. The iPod nano is a square of nearly 4 cm 4 cm at the front with only one multi-touch screen. At the back is a clip to the iPod on your clothes pins.

View relies in terms of fourth-generation iPod shuffle dearly in the second generation but it retains some features of the third generation as VoiceOver. The New iPod shuffle comes in 5 colors (silver, blue, orange, green and pink) with 2GB memory and a battery good for 15 hours music. The new iPod Shuffle will cost $ 49.