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Google Android Beats Apple iPhone

On Monday, Market trends monitor Nielson Company has released a report stating, “Before the close of 2011, several numbers of Smart Phones will be released in the U.S compared to the low featured mobiles.”

The report has also noted that the growth of Android OS from Google is increasing really fast and during the last 6 months, it has become better than the iPhone OS from Apple even with latest subscribers.

Though even with the new spike, the iPhone platform still considered as the SmartPhone that is popular among customers. The report from Neilson says that, “Considering the current subscribers who are all thinking to switch their mobile phones, 90 % of the iPhone users do not want to change their handset.” The report also said that, “29 % of Blackberry and 21 % of Android users have thought to switch to iPhone.”

Business Insider’s Dan Frommer stated that, “the main disadvantage of the iPhone could be that it is works only with one service provider, AT&T. But, the Android and Blackberry handsets can be used with any service providers.”

On Monday, an online research company, Canalys stated that, the sales of the Android (smart phones) handsets have increased to 88.6 % by the 2nd quarter of the 2010. The company added that, the overall growth of the SmartPhone market has increased by 64 % at the same time.

Nokia as well, has got a major part to play in the smart phones field around the globe. The report has stated that, Nokia has influenced a 38 % share in the world’s market of smart phones, by selling a record number of 24 million handsets in the 2nd quarter.

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Its time to learn jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod or iPad

Unlocking your mobile phone is easy with jailbreakme.com. But, this is still not 100 % perfect, but a better one, with which you can get some and lose some things.

The iOS UI is easy to use or jailbreak. A better way of jailbreaking is to use the safari browser and visit jailbreakme.com and slide the slider to start the jailbreaking that will be complete within minutes.

How to jailbreak iPod, iPhone, iPod

How to jailbreak iPod, iPhone, iPod

The Facts

The devices that run on iOS 3.2 and later version platform can be unlocked this way. The iPad iOS 3.2 or 3.2.1 version, the iPhone 3G or 3GS or 4, and 2nd or 3rd generation iPod touch iOS 4.0 or 4.0.1.

The method is independent of the ROM or SHSH blobs or iTunes version or PC or Mac, but depends on iOS only. You just need a Wi-Fi connection to connect your mobile to that site through safari browser. Update your iOS and backup your device before jailbreaking it.

Jailbreaking Issues

Jailbreaking cause your mobile to be unstable and it becomes worse as you start to use jailbroken applications. So delete those apps that you don’t want then and there. Some reported a problem that jailbroken mobile’s Facetime and MMS stopped working. Some got “server time out” issues while jailbreaking process was going on. When this happens, close the safari web browser and clear the cache and restart the browser and head to the jailbreakme site.

The jailbroken device may lock often and you have to restore factory settings. Apple has said that, when you jailbreak your device, you will lose out your warranty. 3rd party warranty issuer, Squaretrade though said that they will give warranty even for jailbroken device.

Real Easy

This method is commonly used by many from the year 2007 and is popular. Every iPhone or iPad or iPod user can make use of this method. There is a flaw in the iOS, which makes the jailbreaking process easy. This flaw will be fixed by Apple in the next version.

Apps for jailbroken devices

Use these apps for your jailbroken devices:

Here are a few of the important apps to consider once you do jailbreak:

  1. Backgrounder: providing Background for apps.
  2. Five Icon Doc: Places 5 icons in bottom dock
  3. My3G and 3G Unrestrictor: Used to trick apps that your mobile has Wi-Fi, when it only has a 3G.
  4. MyWi: transforms your 3G iPad/iPhones to a WiFi hotspot.
  5. Screensplitr: Depicts the iOS device on a PC/monitor.
  6. Multiflow: Move around your open Apps, right or left.
  7. Lockdown: Lock your apps with passwords.
  8. Spoofapp: phone calls recorder.

Its Legal

During June, the United States government has declared that jailbreaking of mobile are legal and the users are free from punishments.

But, Apple is clear that those devices that are jailbroken would los out their warranty. This means more ways for jailbreaking will be released soon and will be safe from the Apple’s lawyers. This means from now, you can enjoy jailbreaking or unlocking your devices in a legal way.

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Apple’s annoying policy of delaying the iPhone 4 intentionally

On Friday, Apple’s iPhone 4 was made available to 17 other countries and cities. Among them, New Zealand was also included. But, strangely the iPhone 4 was not available for the New Zealanders.

A representative from Apple said that the iPhone 4 sale would begin later in the day during the course of their website being updated, but the representative had not said about the reason for the delay.

Apple iphone 4 delay

On Twitter, Vodafone’s Speaker said that the morning sales were called off. Other Media Reposts suggested that the sales will be starting from the afternoon only.

This was the second setback for Apple in New Zealand. Last week on Friday, a bay of anger came out during the launch of the iPad because of the intense mystery about its release. And now a week after that, a new problem about delay in iPhone 4 has resulted.

Apple’s act of refusing to say about the launch of the Multimedia tablet in advance would have made everyone obsessive but upset buyers were wandering around the stores on bigger cities to know where the product will be launched.

Now again, same thing happened in the case of iPhone 4 as well. A seller from a store also commented that this policy of Apple looks frustrating.

She said that, “This policy drives us mad sometimes”.

Apple is already facing the problem of reception issues with the iPhone 4 when it is handled in a particular position. Apple has now said that, they would issue free bumper cases to solve the issue.

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Unlocking your SmartPhones and Software is Lawful

The copyright office of US has given exception for a copyright law. This gives lawful security for those users who have jailbreaked or unlocked their SmartPhones like iPhones from Apple or other Android mobiles. Jailbreaking means modifying the phone settings made by the service providers. From the introduction of the iPhones of Apple in 2007, the jailbreaking has been done by several users across the globe.

iphone jailbreaking

This act of giving exception to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) by the US copyright office would demoralize mobile producers like Apple capability to have an impact on the setup of Software Programmers for their products. Library of Congress embodies this US copyright office.

The Library of Congress has the power or control to give exceptions to active copyright policies. On a report, the LOC has announced that, Users can get around the functionality of the mobile to use any unapproved software apps. The rule also says that Users can also change to any Wireless Service Providers that they wish to have on their mobile without any restrictions. Considering the case of Apple, at present in the US, the AT&T has been the only Wireless Service Provider for it.

Electronic Frontier Foundation was the one who was fighting for the exception of copyright laws issued a statement. The statement said that, “Nearly million iPhone Users have unlocked or jailbreaked their mobiles for changing Wireless Service Providers”.

On that point, A spokesman from Apple has said to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) that, “Jailbreaking the iPhone will cause reduction in the performance that you experienced from it and if you do so, it means that you are breaching the warranty and will cause instability and unreliability issues on your iPhones”.

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Jailbreaking in iPhone and other Mobile Phones is Legal – The FCC

On Monday, the government had come up with a new rule making the practice of “jail breaking” to be lawful. From now onwards, the Smartphone users and iPhone users can move a step closer in order to take full control of their devices.

The last week was featuring news surrounding the digital rights, but the headlines had come into the scene on the Monday morning. The FCC said that they had made the controversy surrounded practice of “Jail Breaking” in your iPhone or any other mobile phone to be legal.

Jailbreak of iPhone is legal

Jail breaking is releasing the restrictions. Jail breaking is done to unlock the phone in order to use it other networks and use the apps that are restricted for use by Apple, which has been thought to be unlawful for several years. Large numbers of jail broken mobiles are found in US. The overseas carriers or the T mobile network were used to work the apps that Apple iPhone SMS module, the Safari Ad blocking app and changing the looks of the icons.

Thought being branded as illegal, nobody has been penalized for practising it. Apple has not penalised anybody for practising jail breaking, but if found, they will lose out their warranty. According to a survey, nearly one million iPhones were already jail broken by their owners.

But, Apple has tried hard to stop the legalization by opposing that allowing jail breaking means copyright infringement. But, the FCC has said that jail breaking will only improve the interoperability of the handset and it is fair under the fair use policy.

The summary is that you can jailbreak or unlock your phone and it is still legal. You can install any applications or switch to other carriers without the fear of being punished. The mobile producers can still make it difficult for you to jail break or unlock it. If you are found you may lose out your warranty but you will not be penalized for doing so.

FCC gave additional rules that are significant but less sweeping applicability.

• Students, Professor and Documentary makers can use copyrighted DVDs for non commercial purposes or in classes or other non profitable areas. This does not include watching them in a room alone, but it is just a step away.

• The FCC lets the computer owners to sidestep dongles if they’re not in operation and can’t be replaced. Dongles are uncommonness in the consumer tech products now, but the industrial users are possibly ecstatic about this, as many go missing and are now impracticable to obtain.

• Eventually, now peoples are free to avoid protection measures on the video games but, bizarrely, only to examine and correct the security errors in these games.

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San Francisco Police arrested a thief within 9 minutes, thanks to iPhone app

In San Francisco, It was reported that a man who stole an iPhone from a lady’s hand, was caught by police within 9 minutes after the incident. The major part was not played by Police but it was the iPhone which was tracking the thief’s location.

Apple iphone theft case
Actually, the woman is a worker for the software maker from the Mountain View Covia Labs, who took the phone outside environment to test the working of newly designed real time tracker app.

The CEO of Covia Labs David Kahn had sent his worker (the woman) to the outdoor in order to display the use of the app. At that time, Horatio Toure (the thief) snatched the mobile and went fast in his bicycle.

Kahn was watching a live map of the phone’s location on a computer and says he was immediately struck by how quickly the image began moving down the street.

Kahn, who was watching the location of the phone (in woman’s hand) with his PC, suddenly noticed that the iPhone’s location was moving very fast in the street. This was immediately informed to the police and they caught the thief with the help of this iphone tracking application.

Toure was arrested by the police within 9 minutes and the lady identified him to be the thief.

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Firefox’s Home App to Sync from PC to iPhone

The new Home app from Facebook that will bring the mobile web browsing and desktop to be present in a same place, but it is still not yet ready.


Chip Taylor said that, “The beautiful thing about Mozilla’s Firefox Home is that, its ability to synchronize browser tabs, bookmarks, PC to iPhone. On Friday, Mozilla launched the iPhone app. Install the Firefox Sync add on to your computer and create an account in it. Now select the “Sync Now” from tools menu and start to use the app. Firefox home will show the links as a list.

You can also use the Xmarks application in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, which also synchronizes from computer to iPhone. It will cost you a 1$ for it.

Both the Xmarks and Home are not fully ready to be a browser or to work with existing ones. If Install any app and open a link. When you select integrated Web kit browser, the app stops working and you are halted. You can use Safari to open all links, but it will not give you a way to open all tabs on PC and opening the sessions on the iPhone.

As a solution, Mozilla should release Firefox or Fennec (Mobile edition) for iPhone with the sync function. Fennec is already there for Android.

Both the app should use bookmarklet (app to store bookmarks) which allows selecting the opened tab from any browser. It’s better to use the session in Safari or Atomic Web.

Browser tab sync is good for now and will surely improve in future.

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A guy’s experience with iPhone: Ups and Downs

On one fine morning, I woke up and the first thing that came to my mind was, “I had to get my new iPhone 4 today”.

It was known that Apple store would be more crowded and so I pre ordered my iPhone 4 from Best Buy, where it was less crowded and I got my new iPhone4 within few minutes.

iphone 4 experience

Now, it is in my hand, my new iPhone 4. I called many of my buddies and many of them were in lines to get their own iPhone 4.  I silently laughed at them without knowing that it may back fire me. I called my girl friend and she was also waiting in the line for her iPhone 4, it hurt me more when she said that she loves me.

That was her final words and from then it was just blank. I found that the call was dropped automatically, but it would seem like I have cut it intentionally. Reasonably, that was my last dropped call as from that time onwards I had avoided using my iPhone 4 in that position again.

This was reasonably better than its previous iPhone 3GS but the fear of the call being dropped due to antenna problems was always running in mind, whenever I was on a call. There were other disadvantages as well.

This retina display has made up of more pixels and so gives you sharp and crystal clear images, which only means that you would hesitate to use older mobile (screen display) again.

The multi tasking experience was great. You can not see the all the apps on the same screen simultaneously, but it still continues to run at the background. You can listen to songs at the background and surf on the internet. There are no slowdowns during multitasking due to A4 chips used. The battery allows it to run for many hours with various applications running simultaneously.

The camera with 5x zoom and HD 720P video recoding with LED is flash is great.

Apple has not got the flash support and so I can’t enjoy ESPN or hulu. I was not able to use Facetime, which needs you and your friends to be on WI-Fi and use iPhone 4 respectively.

I hope the free iPhone cases should solve my problem and make it special for me once again.