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iPhone Game: Numbl – A Math Game

If you want to test your basic Mathematic skills, Numbl is the perfect addictive iphone math game . Andy Wise developed this Numbl game and is available at USD 1.99. This game is sure to create fun and entertainment among your math loving or non-loving friends in your circle. The advantage of this game is its simplicity, ease to play, better user interface, awesome and its mathematical beauty.


The Numbl is really interesting. You will find 20 tiles, and you have to click those tiles to sum up to the needed number (this number changes after each turn). Every tile will be having a single digit number and the total you have to obtain will be along 1 and 27. When you click a tile to use the number, the tile will disappear. Your aim is to remove the required no. of tile from the board, as soon as possible. The game will feature a timer (running continuously), a progress bar (this will indicates the no. of tiles you will have to remove from the board), and a move counter (this will indicate the no. of moves you made to clear the board). In case, you have crossed the total sum needed, obtained from those tiles, the board will flash red. Finally when the game ends, your accuracy reading will be displayed.

This game has a dual player support, where you and your friend can compete with each other. In this Dual mode option, 2 side by side Numbl boards will appear on screen and each player will have to sit across each other and will try to sum up the total needed as soon as possible, as displayed on their side. This mode has no timer, it is not a race. Whomsoever finishes the board first by achieving the target sum, wins the game. If you want, Numbl will have a winning record of each players, this lets you to organise a Numbl mini tournament.

The game has Leader board online, that lets you compare your records with players all over the world. It gives the all time highest score details, weekly records, and daily records). When you want to know your record, you can do, as there is a separate list of high score achieved by you.

The other fascinating thing about the game is its beautiful user interface. The display gives an elegant blue and black display, with no messy or unwanted details or functions on the environment. When you open a new game, the tiles will fall down from the top up on to the board making it appear modern pattern. When considering the sound effects, it has got no music but only regular sound effects that are clear and complete.

Even if you are going to play single game, Numbl will actually make you addictive. A reasonable shortcoming would be that the game would appear short, when you finish mastering it. The 2 player mode will be interesting always, as long as you play with a competitive opponent or you might get bored soon enough.