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Iphone 4: A success or failure ?

iPhone 4 : A success or Failure

Apple has always known to set benchmarks in the technology era. Blending style, innovation and latest technology can be done best by “Apple”. The launch of any new products by Apple brings along a chill of excitement and anticipation. And when the product is launched every eye becomes stagnant on it, such is the magic of Apple. Thus, the launch of iphone 4 was no different; it bought turmoil amongst all the Apple/iphone fans. With a ravishing new design, new LED display, some more additional features, Apple’s iphone was launched with a bang giving a high-end competition to all the Smartphone’s in the market. The new iphone showcase the apple’s new OS 4.0 which in itself has a long list of add on features.   But, here I’m not going to give you the review of iphone 4 but will see some of the setbacks, some of the problems with the iphone 4.

  1. Design: Let’s first see the design aspect of it. When you first take the new iphone in your hands you’ll actually take time to adjust. The new design is no doubt more sophisticated and compact but will not impress the iphone lovers to the level which was expected. All the curves which gave the iphone a stylish look have been made to thick edges which are one big letdown on the industrial design part.
  2. Camera: Apple’s tried to improve its camera quality from the first version of iphone till now without degrading the other features. A 5 megapixel camera and VGA front camera clearly shows the efforts put in to improve the photography system and its clarity. But, what is still lacking is the camera button on the side panel which if would be present would have become a photographer’s delight.
  3. Speed: Though Apple has replaced the internal Samsung chip by its own designed A4 chip but the processor is the same ARM Cortex A-8. There is no noticeable difference in the speed than the previous iphone (3G).
  4. Multitasking: Though surely multitasking is the key feature which Apple initiated with its new OS 4.0. But, we cannot say its true multitasking. When you switch from one application to the other it pause’s the previous application and gets resumes when we move back to it. There are very limited applications which can run in the background while you’re using some other applications like music, VOIP calls, GPS etc.

So we can overall say not a bad move by Apple though. The new iphone will where fail to meet the high expectations of the iphone fans to some extend but the new range of features added with the new OS balances out the retires. Though we cant give a thumbs up due to the design aspect of iphone 4 we definitely can say an honest and stylistically innovative product by Apple once again.