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Finland Makes Internet Services Available to All Citizens

Finland is the first country in the world to oblige the telecommunications companies to offer broadband service to its citizens. The law obliges telecommunications companies to provide broadband lines that can operate at a minimum of 1 Mbps. The new law started to take effect on the 1st July2010.

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According to the BBC, the government of Finland promises that every citizens will be able to have a 100 Mbps internet connection in 2015. The minister of communications, Suvi Linden said that the internet has become an important part of the life of the citizens therefore it is the government job to provide high speed internet to everyone.

Suni told the BBC that the internet is not just an entertainment but is also useful to the citizens in many ways. Suni said that the government had been striving to establish a community that has good knowledge in the information technology. Several years ago, Suni discovered that not everyone in the country have access to internet connection. The statistic report shows that 96% of the population have internet connection at home while the rest of the 4% do not have internet connection facility at home. The 4% represents 4000 citizens in the Finnish population. With the rise of internet use in the country, more people will try to upload illegal files to share with other people such as movies, music and etc. Thus, the authorities have to take extra precaution so that they can ban people that have involve in illegal file sharing activities.