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Google, Microsoft Focused on Indian Languages.

If you enter into the Google Office in Gurgaon you will be drawn by the smell of the fresh ground coffee.

Jagjit Chawla, the product manager of Google India quips “We are getting ready to benefit for the subsequent big thing—the Indic Web.”

Chawla says that “Only 7 percent of the Indian People knows English and only 7 percent utilizing the internet. There are only few local languages contents available. The next wave of the Internet users will be from the Indic web.”

Google Microsoft focused on Indian Languages

So big opportunities are available in the sphere of local languages, roughly all the infotech companies worth their name have jumped the bandwagon. When just before two weeks, India announced the new symbol for the Indian rupee, it wasn’t just an forceful declaration about the Indian economy arrived on the world stage, it was as well seen as the symbol of the up coming age of the Indian language scripts in a contemporary avatar.

The traditional Indian writing – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati or Tamil is already making its existence felt on the globular scale. Today Indian typefaces are making the appearance even on a high technology platforms for example software OS.

The Microsoft Company is undergoing loads of researches on the Indian language products. Project Bhasha, for example, is the key landmark in Microsoft’s effort to excite the local language computing and take IT to the heaps, driven by the fact that 95 percent of the Indians are using their local languages rather than the English language in their work and personal life.

“We support Inscript keyboard which is the India’s national standard for the Indian languages inputs. This means that the app can be written in the regional languages. As a tech company, we work with the local partners who are proficiency in languages,” said by the Meghashyam Karnam, product manager, Microsoft India.

A Long back ago in 1996, Microsoft had begun work on the fonts of the Indian system in Windows for a new OS. Many fonts were developed in many Indian scripts like Punjabi, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil first with the OS Windows 2000 and later in the OS win XP.

It is no shocker the Microsoft, software giant saw an opening in the Indian language market even many years ago and started off with the localisation of the OS Win 2000 and 2 Indian languages – Tamil and Hindi. And now Microsoft supports twelve Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Konkani, Oriya, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu and Punjabi.

Today, in India the web are not relevant to the majority of the users as there is lack of regional content. On the net there billions of pages but only 40 million Indian language pages are the there on the net.  Now you can type in English and you can get in Indic text. This was local need stimulated software. It began with Hindi and the Research and Development for this happened in Bangalore.

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