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Indian Government Services are going Online

The Indian government had created an online portal for the residents to make payment for utility bills, and driving license. The portal will be accessible by citizens in 28 states in India. According to the government spokesman, it is part of the RS 2000 crore portal project.

Indian Government Online Services

The government will make the portals available to 10 states in October 2010. Indian citizens can register for the birth and death certificate through the portal. They can appy for pension. They can also apply for a domicile or residence certificate. Applicants have to fill in the online form in order to avail to the portal service. The joint secretary level official informed the reporters that he hope the portal will be available to many states in 6 months. The official added the citizen service centre kiosks will be installed in the country sides. The government plans to install more than 10,000 kiosks in the rural areas. It is estimated that the kiosks will be installed in all the rural areas in December 2010. The total number of CSC kiosks that are built will be 90,000.

The CEO of the egovernance business stated that each portal costs Rs 50 – Rs 60 to develop. Five IT companies that are responsible for building the portals include Accenture, Infosys, HP, Wipri and 3i Infotech. The consulting firms for the portal project are Ernst & Young, TITSL and PwC. The states are in the process of deciding which agencies to use for the project.

Currently, the Madhya Pradesh government has a MPOnline portal. The state is involved in a partnershop with Tata Consultancy Services. The Madhya Pradesh online portal allows customers to make payment for their insurance premium and recharge their prepaid accounts.