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HTC cell phones : Common features

HTC is highly appreciated brand among the cell phone users. It is gaining very importance in the cell phone market. It is very famous for its designs and features. There are many common features in all of the HTC cell phones such as highly competent camera, large and clear screens, 3G connectivity, and video recording capacities, EDGE, GPRS, blue tooth and many other features. The most appreciated thing is that the all of these are light weighted without any difficulty.

HTC cell phones features

HTC Cell Phone features

While using its browser you can browse any of the websites. Its large screen gives the user a superb view and due to its capacitive touch screen the typing can be done easily. The latest cell phone introduced by the HTC contains 3.2 inches wide capacitive screen which gives the user a great view. It has a brilliant camera of 5 megapixel, it is loaded with many advanced technologies like LED flash and auto focus, the camera works very efficient and you can take brilliant pictures and you can also make videos as well.

The wildfire by HTC has a great memory and its memory can be increased up to 32 GB by using a micro SD card. Besides communication, the wildfire is also loaded with many features like FM radio, MP3 player, USB 2.0 and an excellent Bluetooth etc. Thus it fulfills the every modern day demand of the user. That is why it is gaining a great importance in the cell phone market. Now let’s talk about another great mobile by the HTC “the HTC diamond”.

According to a survey the most important product of the year by HTC is the HTC diamond. The HTC diamond has many features but the 3D cool touch screen is the main feature which gives the HTC diamond a great importance. In the following we will have a deep look into all the features of the HTC diamond.

The cell phone has an advanced preference sensor which helps the phone to detect whether the phone if held horizontally or vertically and it changes it s direction according to it.  The latest TouchFLO causes to feel the experience of touch very special and few of the characteristics that it increases are actually spectacular. An eye catching feature of toolbar at the bottom which modifies customers to start the required function with a single touch because of the new feature. Almost all of the features and programs are animated and have a 3D upshot.

This mobile is very slim and has a very stylish and dashing look it has only a weight of 3.8 ounce that makes it very handy. The phone is modeled with the size of 4 x 2 x 0.4 inches, as it is very small in size so anyone can put in his/her pocket without any problem. This cell phone is compatible with a Windows Mobile 6.1 professional Edition and with all of the entertaining features like e-mail, Bluetooth, PDF reader, voice recorder, zip manager and various software. It has the internal memory of 4GB, 256 MB ROM and 192MB DDR SDRAM.

So these were some of the features of the latest HTC cell phones.

Sprint will provide Froyo for HTC EVO 4G from August 3

Now it has been announced officially that, from next week onwards HTC EVO 4G of Sprint will be getting Froyo.

From August 3, Tuesday, based on the statement that was posted on Thursday night in the Sprint’s web site, “Sprint will start to give Android 2.2 upgrade for the EVO 4G users”. Sprint said that the upgrade will be given to the EVO users in Waves. Every EVO user should be having their software upgraded by the middle of August.

Sprint will provide Froyo for HTC EVO 4G from August 3

All the EVO users will get a notification on their handset when the software upgrade becomes available. The software upgrade will be sent to every EVO mobile wirelessly and will be automatically upgraded. If you are not ready to wait, you can manually download the software upgrade and install them from August 3. You will have go to the “System Updates” section in the handsets main settings present in the Menu and to select the ‘HTC software upgrade’ option and make the installation process to start.

Story of EVO 4G having Froyo

On Thursday, the news about EVO 4G having Froyo was headlined online, which was evident from the Sprint memo that was posted in the Engadget tech blog. It was not official but the dates specified were confirmed now.

The memo in Engadget stated that, Sprint will give Android 2.2 upgrade, new widgets for home screen, flash light mode for camera and enhanced video recording options.

The memo said that the upgrades were brought for competitive reason, which is evident now as this Sprint will be 1st to give Android 2.2 for customers.

But, EVO is not the first as the Nexus One from Google has got it a month before. But, EVO getting upgraded with Froyo will be given by Sprint (1st wireless service provider) but Nexus One was by Google directly.

The Droid Incredible and Droid X are likely to get Froyo as well. Some say that it will come during late summer and some say it will be available by 2 weeks.

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