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HP SLATE 500 – A Review

The Hewlett Packard’s Slate 500 is a multi touch tablet PC slate which runs on the OS Windows 7. This HP Slate 500 is launched in the market on 22nd October 10. The actual aim of HP was to build up the Slate as an e-reader, but it was further refined by HP to make the device with a good UI, browsing features and Audio & video entertainment.  This HP Slate 500 is a device which comes with great features like low power consumable, low price and Windows 7 OS.

HP Slate 500 Review

HP Slate 500 comes with a superb wide screen of 8.9 inch multi touch capacitive display with a very good resolution of 1024×600 pixels with the support of pen and digitizer. This HP Slate features a 3 Mega Pixel camera at its back side and VGA camera at the front portion. The specifications of this HP slate 500 are Intel Atom Z540 1.86 Ghz processor and 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 64 GB flash memory and a USB port 2.0. The Integrated Graphics accelerometer from the Intel GMA 500 collectively with the HD media Accelerometer card from Broadcom Crystal offers the support for video playback at 1080p. This HP Slate 500 sports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and 3G supports form the Hewlett Packard wireless broadband. This HP Slate 500 works on a 2-cell 30 WHr Li-Ion battery which offers 5hrs of working time. This Slate consists of stylus/digitizer pen which allows you to do free hand sketching and writing on screen.

The HP Slate 500 runs on Windows OS which offers an extra performance impact. The Adobe systems and Hewlett Packard offers the Slate 500 with full web feel which allows you to play the Adobe contents and AIR applications. Initially the price of this HP Slate 500 was $799, but now HP reduced the price to a reasonable amount of $549. The most recent news from HP is that its HP Slate 500 is sold out till this Christmas and so further demands have to be patient till the Christmas gets over.

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Server launch by Acer to expands its product portfolio

Acer is the World’s 2nd biggest Computer production company. Today, Acer has declared that it is going to expand to the server market by launching a series of servers in classes like Rack, Blade and Tower besides with Microsoft and Intel.

At present, Acer is well established in two server classes, that is in Rack and Tower form factor that are servicing for the BFSI verticals and the government.

Acer Server in news

Acer India Private Limited’s CMO S. Rajendra has said to the reporters that, “Acer is looking to enhance its profile by entering into the Blader server class to service the requirements of every business field that is needing installation of reliable & new system network and upgrades”.

Acer is planning to release a product termed ‘Gemini’ especially built for optimized density and can be utilized for those applications that are computer and memory storage concentrated. “Since Acer is forceful about establishing itself in the Indian market on the server business, the company is trying to twice over its market share to more than 14 % from the current value of 7.5 % in 1st quarter of 2010”.

In order to accomplish this, Acer has got plans to release series of 17 new models categorized among the 4 main classes of servers, that is Rack Servers, Tower Servers, Blades and Density Optimized servers. These products are directed towards business, Public Sector, BFSI, Education telecom, SMB, Government and other corporate sectors.

Rajendran said that “the Acer with its cent percent indirect model which will be supporting the new line of business, which will be improving and boosting the capacities of our channel associates in order to provide the end to end solutions to our precious customers”.

In India Acer servers have set up base of over 37,000 units. “in the first quarter of this year (2010) we sold around 2000 servers and are looking at a unit development of 42 percent  in the server and computer business together”, Rajendran said.

In India Acer has its fourth place in the server market after HP, Dell and IBM.

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