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HP MediaSmart EX495 Server Review


The new visually appealing and innovativeHP MediaSmart EX495 Server is an excellent upgrade to the previous LX195. It offers very good through puts and an intelligent digital content manager providing excellent storage capacity and Backup solutions for PC and Macs. The storage capacity is easily expandable and Remote access is all embracing. This $700 device performs what its designed for in the best way possible.

hp mediasmart ex495 server pic


Features                                          Description

1. Type                                                            Server
2. Product form factor                                Micro tower
3. Dimensions                                              5.5in*9.8in*9.1in
4. Processor Type                                        Intel Pentium 2.5 GHz
5. Multi-core Technology                          Dual core
6. 64 Bit computing                                    Yes
7. RAM Installed                                         2 GB
8. RAM Technology                                    DDR2 SDRAM
9. Storage controller                                   Type 1* Serial ATA
10. Controller Type                                     Serial ATA-300
11. Hard drive 1* 1.5                                   TB- Removable- Serial ATA-300-7200 rpm
12. Networking                                            Network adapter
13. Data Link Protocol                                Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
14. Expansion Bays                                    4(Total)/3(free)* Drive cage -3.5”*1/3H
15. Interfaces                                               4*Hi-Speed USB- 4 pin USB Type A (1 in front)
1* Storage-                                                   eSATA
1* Network-                                                 RJ-45
16. Cables included                                    Network cable
17. Power AC                                               120/230 V
18. OS provided                                          Microsoft Windows Home Server
19. Warranty period                                   1 year limited


The artistic HP MediaSmart EX 495 is a perfect upgrade to its predecessor LX 195. It has far greater storage and provides far better throughputs. The compact design complements its fast throughputs.
The EX 495 is a Windows computer, powered by an Intel Pentium dual-core processor at its core, bolstered by 2 gigs of RAM, running Windows Home Server 2003. It differs from a PC in the fact that it does not have a mouse, keyboard and a video out, although a Windows computer can remotely control it. In an event of hard disk crash the drives can be removed and data recovered connecting it to a computer.

The HP MediaSmart comes included with 1.5TB storage, containing the server operating system. It contains four bays for future storage expansion. (LED indicators for each bay).

You can find three USB ports and a eSATA port on the back side. These ports are exclusively for additional storage. They don’t provide additional support for printer or USB camera. The fourth USB is on the front. Connection to network is provided by the Ethernet adapter.

Setting up the EX 495 is as easy as plugging the server to the network and proceeding with the software installation.

The EX 495, like its predecessor LX 195 provides a unique photo management feature of HP NAS servers, a Web based PhotoPublisher application. Certain features allow uploading photos on to the NAS directly to popular photo sharing sites.

HP MediaSmart provides a comprehensive user management similar to User accounts on any standard Windows computer. This allows you to provide access privileges. Sharing files on the network is as simple as creating a “shared folder”. As a default it has seven share folders, five for media allowing media streaming over the network. The other three folders are for Mac, users and softwares.

The server comes included with 1.5TB storage and three empty bays for SATA drives. It does not support RAID configurations. It provides excellent backup solutions.


The HP MediaSmart EX 495 costs about $700 USD.


The well structured and quiet running EX 495 is a Windows computer packing a powerful processor with wonderful network sharing capabilities. This device allows flexible Storage expansion and tested to provide fast throughputs. Reports show that the device performs consistently compared to several NAS devices. It performed quite impressively when connected with several external hard drives, compared to many other NAS devices. In the write test it scored 279.6 Mbps and 380.45 Mbps on the read test. These scores are evidently lower than LX195. The compact design supports its fast throughputs. It’s the second fastest NAS device in the market.

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