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Instant Heart Rate Review


This application measures your and your friend heart rate by using the camera present in your Android phone. Gently place your finger on the camera and hold on steadily for 10 seconds. Now you can see your current heart rate on the display. If you encounter any problems go to http://www.instantheartrate.com/android_market_issues.jsp. Recent changes 1.5.5

Instant heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate Review

If a person tells you that “there is an application which will be using your camera in your handset to measure your heart rate, you and me will obviously think that guy is out of his mind. Well, we’re wrong. Instant Heart rate is an application which measures the heart rate accurately.

Open the application and then smoothly place your finger on the camera lens and then hold it steadily for at least 10 sec; the application then displays your heart rate. How is this possible?? According to the application descriptions:

“The colour of the surface of the skin changes on every heartbeat. The in-built camera present in your handset tracks the changes and then calculates your heart rate. It works as like the medical pulse oximeter”

I couldn’t really believe that these cameras on our handset can pick up these changes, but somehow, it does.  And also it is accurate as well. I tested this application myself and also I tested on my friend and I found the results were accurate.

The application recommends you to use it under well light area, but if your handset has flash on it, it will use it as well. On an original Droid handset, it works awfully well.

The application itself pretty basics. You can switch the flash on or off, and the application has a several options like twitter, messaging, Facebook, Evernote, Gmail, and so on, so your pals can know your heart beat rate. This application is an ad-supported and the ads are modest, down at the bottom of your screen.

I truly like this application; though the precision can be slightly increased, it is usually right to within just a few beats. It has app for exercise and medical problems and certainly it gives you a chance to show your friends, “Buddy, look what my handset can do!” and then check out the amazement on their faces.

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