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Griffin Evolve Speakers System Review

“Without music life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. But what if your music system is quirky listening to music becomes a mistake. To enjoy the sheer joy of beautiful sounds it is worth investing in good music gadgets. With digital technology revolution a lot of new advanced gizmos and gadgets have evolved in terms of designs, features, performance and quality, one such wireless speakers system is the Griffin Evolves Speakers System.

Griffin Evolve Speaker System is a wireless speaker system having iPod dock with basically strong 12 watt powerful cone speakers designed aesthetically for a high quality performance. It is a remarkable wireless speaker system with movable speakers, remote control, stereo separation and line in for exterior audio sources.

griffen evolve speaker system image


Technical Specifications

The Griffin evolve consists of two basic units a set of cube shaped speakers and a base station. The speakers are solidly designed with plastic body and only one woofer present with no reflex port at the rear. The base is light in weight with glossy enclosures with inputs for various ports for devices other than iPod although it does not have a headphone jack. The griffin evolve speakers system have speakers with 12W power integrated amplifier and a long battery hours play of 10 hours when charged fully and a power adaptor. The griffin evolves speaker system works on wireless technology and an additional feature of broadcast transmission latency that gives uninterrupted seamless transmission of sound quality.

The speakers can be controlled by remote control, the lithium ion batteries are reachable and you can switch transmission to monaural for separate stereo speaker sound from a single speaker to other different rooms. The griffin evolve speaker system is revolutionary wireless sound system product with absolutely no wires involved and is iPod compatible with 2 wireless speakers, remote, nine dock adaptors, power supply and manual.


The prices of griffin Evolve speaker system are on the higher side but are worth the money for its great features incorporated in the system, and on some online stores the price range starts from $ 150 or more. 


The griffin evolves speakers system is an amazing wireless speaker system product, with sleek integrated design and movable and portable wireless speakers. The speaker system has a base and speakers in its unit that gives interruption free transmission with a high quality sound with a great wide range. It is IPod compatible including the touch screen technology IPods. The active cube shaped speakers have a great sound quality, power inputs, and long play hours with rechargeable lithium batteries. The two speakers set have on/off mode and sleep mode features for longer battery life. The sound clarity is further improved by integrated amplifiers in the charging base. The griffin evolve speaker systems comes with a wireless range remote control, output connectors for various audio sources like video and other connecting audio devices. It comes with a 1 year warranty and easy to set up instructions manual for users.

The hitches are it cannot be used for mobiles phones; the quality of material used is light, basic features on remote and at times with wireless system can cause distortion of sound with other home appliances. Apart from this, the griffin evolves speakers system is a remarkable wireless system with high quality performance and value for money buy.