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Image Search of Google upgraded – Thanks to Bing

It is really amazing to note that the smart fellows from Google Search are watching the competitors closely. Today, Google has posed about a sequence of smaller but valuable pinch about the Image Search in Google. The Image Search feature in Google came into existence in the year 2001 with only 250 million pictures and now by the year 2010, it has crossed 10 billion.

Few of the latest functions are originally got from (3rd place) Bing Search from Microsoft, which was released in the year May 2009. From the time of its existence it has made an effort to out smart Google Search.

Google search changed

The new update (Bing like update) to the Google Search is referred to as “instant scrolling”. The Google Image Search will now work in a new way. Before, we can view the thumbnails of the images and if we want to see more results, we will have to click the see more at the bottom. But from now, the result images will get aligned continuously one by one down at once and you only have to scroll down to view the entire results. This is the feature which is actually present in Bing and was found in Live Search of Microsoft also.)

When considering the number of results displayed in a single page, Google has outnumbered Bing. Bing’s auto scroll feature was able to display only 985 results, whereas Google Image Search would display 100 results in a single page.

There is yet another upgrade for the Google Image Search which resembles of the Bing’g feature is, a hover plane that would appear whenever you place the cursor up on a thumbnail. Google has outscored Bing here as well. Bing can display only the details like file size and resolution, but Google would display the image in a bigger preview.

The Google Image Search has got the “densely titled layout” which holds lot of thumbnails in a single page. The same feature is available in the Bing also, where you can maximise or minimise the images.

At present, not all the features are running. Google will soon release them one by one in the future.

The additional upgrade is the bigger thumbnail preview, which will be suitable for Higher Resolution display and supports the keyboard navigations as well. For example: With the help of Page Down / Page UP keys, you can run through the pages faster.

Another new feature is when you click an image, it will take you to a “target page”, where the image is displayed in a larger manner and the website that has got this image would appear behind it.

Image Search Ads is a new feature that is made especially for advertisers. Now advertisers can post their ad images beside the text lines. This is expected to come now or in the future.

Google has succeeded by upgrading its Image Search, thanks to Bing. Competition always results in society’s benefits.

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Google and Facebook may collide to make a Smarter Web

Today, Google has taken measures to join hands with Facebook to create a smarter Web. Meta Web is the one which works on information packaging upon the Internet that can be browsed and linked in a more significant method better than network of links. Google has now obtained this Meta Web.

facebook and google working to make smarter web

Today Jack Menzel wrote in the Official Google blog, “As time goes by, we are enhanced search by expanding our knowledge of query used and web pages. The Web is just not a word – it is info about the real-world and knowing the connection between real world objects will guide us to deliver the appropriate info faster. Meta Web has been obtained by us today, a company which has got open database about the objects in the globe. We want to better the search and make the web wealthier and momentous for all, by working together with Meta Web”

Menzel states that the searches should yield results that are sharper than a knife.

“When you type something like Obama’s birthday, you should get the first result indicating the result. We know what people want and by working together with Meta Web we can give you desired results”.

Not only Google, but also Facebook wants to improve. Facebook introduced Open Graph by spring, which tries to bring the ends of the web together with packages that are more apt to its users. CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg “We are relating the graph parts to small businesses” told to a spectator at the F8 conference in Apr. “Pandora is trying to map the part of the graph that is related to melody. Now, we take these segments and join them together to produce a more societal, more customized, more logically aware and a smarter web”.

Kim Mai Cutter at Deals & More website said that, the giants will have to fight it out for the metadata. “Facebook has got the info about the needs of over 500 millions users and so it has better chance to get the metadata for search needs”. “And about Google, nothing can exists with the Google search”

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India is Google’s main centre for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is latest technology that many organisations are trying to adopt in order to achieve better resources utilization and sharing. Google has shown interest on it seriously. These initiative works on cloud computing will be taken care by Google centres that are present in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Google cloud computingcentres in India

On Tuesday in Bangalore, Dave Girouard who is the Google’s president of enterprise stated that, “India will be a “Centre of Excellence” when it comes to Cloud computing support for many companies. Soon, India will be transformed into a largest enterprise development centre for our company.” This Enterprise works are also happening in other Google centres like Stockholm, Kirkland (Washington) and Mountain View (California).

Girouard said that, “Already Google has got 300 engineers and is looking to hire extra 100 engineers”. Hyderabad is now fully focused on Cloud commuting itself whereas Bangalore is still having focus only on activities like Advertisements, Google Search and mobiles. And now, initiative is being made in Bangalore to form a team for Cloud computing.

The cloud computing services are nothing but extension of its customer services like Docs, Gmail and Calendar to all kinds of businesses. Docs, a web based application which allows users to view & edit source document online.

Calendars can be used users in order to plan appointments, form multi calendars to know about others availability, embed it with your Gmail services and distribute project plan calendars (dates) among the workers or the company.

Google also going to provide an app called as Google sites with which you can easily develop web pages. These pages can be used for various purposes like host video sharing, Private uses within the team or project and intranet activities. These kinds of applications are currently licensed and used in various companies and are managed by in-house information centres.

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Google App Inventor – Time to play with Android Applications

Google is trying to take the Android mobiles to the next level. On July 19th, Google will be releasing a tool which allows users to create their own apps for their Smart Phones. The software tool is termed as Google App Inventor has been under the development phase for over a year and is now in a User testing phase, tested with school boys, high school girls and Under Graduates those who are not from computer science department.

Google App inventor Time to play with Android

Google said, mobiles that are released are now equal to computers and the users should be able to develop their apps on their own.

The computer scientist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harold Abelson who is now working for Google for time being has said that, “The aim of our software is to make people to be a creator and not just a consumer. Android architecture is open to all and this enables us to work this software on it”

Abelson has stated that this software is made especially for the youth to develop their own apps with the smart phones just the way they were working on the PCs.

The Google App Inventor allows the user to simply drag and drop the code segments and graphic pictures that describes the smart phones functionalities and integrate them together just like the way we do in Lego blocks. The final output would be the app that was created by the person.

For instance, a boy created an app to notify a group of friends about his location for every 10 minutes. The app was made up of 3 graphic code blocks that are integrated together. One was a timer (for calculating 15 min interval), second to indicate the location and the third is a database having details of the group of friends.

Another student made an auto reply app, which would send a SMS “I am driving and don’t disturb me” when he is driving.

A nursery student developed an app that would send emergency SMS, when the person having the phone falls. The app has an accelerometer feature to detect the fall. If the person is not able to recover from the fall within a short time and press the app button, then the SMS would be sent automatically to the emergency number that is given in the app.

These apps created may look small but with some domain knowledge it is possible to make wider applications as well.