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Microsoft will give its employees Free Windows 7 Phone.

It’s good news for all Microsoft employees! Microsoft is ready to give free smart phone that runs on Windows 7 OS for each and every employee. This would put the reported 10,000 iPhone users from Redmond in dilemma on which phone to use.

Free windows 7 phone

This news came across in the Microsoft’s common Social communication channel, Global Exchange (MGX). The news was that nearly 93,000 employees in 100 countries would get a smart phone from an undisclosed vendor. Microsoft has been employing app developers, recently for its Windows 7 app development.

Many vendors like Samsung, HTC, Dell, LG and Asus has signed up for the contract of making the new Windows 7 smart phones. The base price of the mobile is expected to be 300$/unit and the total production could amount up to 27 million dollars.

The production of handset being carried out by vendors across several countries means only that the handset can be used with several types of carriers, which in turn result in cost competition. Apple’s infamous iPhone launch was also started with lot of special deals, which resulted in high costs and contracts having high time scales.

On March, according to the Wall Street Journal article, “nearly 10,000 Microsoft workers were having iPhone, which has attracted the attention of Steve Ballmer (CEO) and would have made him uncomfortable on hearing the statistics. The article also commented that Microsoft had modified its reimbursement policy for banning phones that does not run on its own Windows 7 OS.

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