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Top Free Games for Nokia N9

Last year, we were talking about Nokia N8. Our article on Nokia N8 applications is really liked by people. Now is the time for Nokia N9.  I have recently purchased Nokia N9 and Nokia never disappoints with its quality. I am quite happy with splendid touch and improved Nokia ovi store. Here are the top free games which I downloaded this year for Nokia N9. I will not mention Angry Birds, that obviously is my favorite and must have game for Nokia N9.

  1. Dalton – The Awsome :
  2. free nokia n9 game

    Dalton is a funny, addictive and challenging game. Play as Dalton and kill all the zombies coming in your way. It is perfect way to pass time. Game contains lovely music and you will never feel bored of it.

  3. Crazy Chickens
  4. Nokia N9 Game

    Name of the game reminds us of angry birds but it is totally different game. However, the purpose is same to save eggs. Chickens have gone crazy and they are dropping their eggs. You have to play the game as “Bholu” (Character of the Game) and save all the eggs from falling on the ground. This game will remind you the old hand held games and its addictive.

  5. Vehicle Traffic
  6. Vehicle Traffic Nokia N9     Vehicle Traffic Nokia N9 Game     Vehicle Traffic Nokia N9 Free
    The game is a mix of strategy and action. Game rules are as follows:

    1. Your mission is to not to let any car collide.
    2. A car can be in either of three states Moving, Slowing Moving or Stopped.
    3. Tap the car to change its state.

    Vehicle traffic is very interesting game and a wonderful time pass.

  7. Peak Gold
  8. Peak Gold Free Nokia N9 Game

    It is Symbion version of very famous flash game, Gold miner. Pick up the gold and save it to buy amazing things for your Gold miner. A must download if you have played Gold miner.

  9. Lights Out
  10. Lights Out Nokia N9

    The game has only one motive. Turn of all the lights, Simple. But it is not that simple, because as you tap any bulb its neighbors will also change its state. Lights out is fantastic puzzle game and fun to play.

  11. Bada Maze
  12. Bada Maze Nokia Game

    The purpose is to reach the ball to its destination using accelerometer. The graphics of this game are not that great but it’s fun to play as you to tilt the phone in various directions to make it reach home.

  13. Balloon Popper
  14. Balloon Popper Free game    Balloon Popper Nokia N9

    Balloon Popper is an arcade game. Pop up all the balloons with a bullet. You have to target the bullet correctly in order to pop out all the balloons.

  15. Five in a Row
  16. Five in a Row Nokia N9 Game    Five in A Row Free Nokia N9 Game

    Five in a row is a two player game. Player has to make five balls of same color appear in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The game also has one player mode, in which you can play against easy, medium or hard computer. The game also has interactive graphics which makes it a must download.

  17. Finger Drums
  18. Finger Drums for Nokia N9
    Do you love music? You will love this app. Play the drums with the beat of your fingers. It’s simple, easy and fun game to play.

  19. Rip Off
  20. Rip Off Nokia N9 Game

    Save the family of a bird. An interesting and graphics intuitive game you will love to play.

    So, this completes my list of top free games for Nokia N9. If you have any additions please do let me know. Below is the comment section where you can add your comments. I will keep adding games in this list.