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Apple Achieved A Record With The iPhone Launch in April

U.S. computer maker, Apple said Monday it has sold 1.7 million iPhones in April until Saturday three days after it arrived in stores and becoming the most successful product of the company in its release.

Smart Phone Sales (phones with functions similar to those of a simple computer), it competes with Nokia models, the BlackBerry from Research In Motion and Motorola, exceeded expectations of some analysts, as well as Apple, who has struggled to meet demand.

In a statement, company CEO Steve Jobs apologized to the “customers who were sent back” because the firm did not have enough inventory.

“This product launch is the most successful in the history of Apple,” Jobs said.

Daniel Ernst, analyst with Hudson Square Research, said it is likely that the figure includes 1.7 million stocks, which began to be admitted on 15 June.

The analyst said the phone seemed to be exhausted in some stores in New York, Connecticut and Maryland over the weekend after the official launch on 24 June.

Ernst said it had estimated sales of well over one million phones. “This number is close to two million, so it is above our expectations. There is a model of smart phone that has been so popular as this,” said the expert.

Apple began selling the phone through the website on 15 June. That day, both the technology company’s website such as AT & T operator collapsed because of high demand, causing delays in orders from various customers.

AT & T is the exclusive provider of the iPhone in the U.S..

The phone, which enables video calling and has a battery of longer duration, caused long lines the day of its launch last week.

Verizon Wireless, AT & T’s rival, is trying to counter the rise of the iPhone with a strong advocacy campaign on phones that use the Android operating system Google Inc.

The iPhone in April, the fourth generation in four years of multifunction phones from Apple, is on sale from Thursday in the U.S., France, Japan, Germany and Britain. By late July, is available in 18 other countries, including Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Even before leaving the apparatus, the services of Apple and its exclusive carrier in the U.S. had been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of their fans, with their systems saturated after 600 requests made in one day.