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ES File Explorer for Android

ES file explorer for Android is one of the best featured file manager that can explore the phone and computer. It can be said of as an all in all rounder since it manages files and applications and also acts as a task killer and dropbox client and ftp client that explores your computer and phone.

Features of ES file manager:

ES File Explorer does file operations like cut, copy, paste in phones and computers. Some other features contains Application manager, compression and decompression of zip files, view different file formats, photos documents and videos, thumbnails for APK images, searching files, text viewers and editors, WIFI with SMB ,FTP server on the SD card, dropbox, Bluetooth, root explorer feature, simple widgets to auto kill running applications and clean memory.

New additions in recent versions of file manager:

Version V has the sugarsync support (slide left to net). ES file explorer new things like SD and Gesture bug fixing. It also has an awesome feature where we need not enter the password each time you use the same application except -when the power is off or you resume the screen.


The ES file explorer allows all android users to use their resources for free, manages and stay connected with 3G, EDGE or WIFI AAND share with friends and you can also upload photos and videos.

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