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5 Best Social Media services for Small business owners

We have enquired with many small business owners through out the year about what are the best practices, suggestion and the success stories in the social media.

The social platforms must be chosen based on the type of the content that your company producing, the goals you are looking to obtain and how do you plan yourself to add value for your business followers.

Even though the social media platforms are used for business, all the social media platforms will not suit for every business. Here in this article you can find the best social media services for all small business owners.

Social Media for small business

1. Communications Service: Twitter

When you ask any business owners about the social media strategies, the first words that come out from their mouth are Facebook and Twitter.  These two platforms are the entry level platforms for all small business owners looking to get more social.

For the quick and effective communication the maximum votes goes for Twitter. The Micro-blogging service allows the small businesses to speedily and efficiently enhance customer service, public relations, business development and even lead generation.

Twitter is a social site which is very easy to setup due to its minimal approach. Twitter makes a very big win for the small businesses.

2. Video-Sharing Service: YouTube

Even the CEO’s are getting themselves involved in creating videos for their small business. The top way for small business is the YouTube where you upload the videos of your business.

YouTube exceeded Yahoo as the 2nd biggest search engine in U.S. in Nov 2008. It still has this spot and it also maintaining to have this spot. By posting your Videos in YouTube your videos has more chance to have more familiarity and much audience.

3. Twitter Photo-Sharing Service: Twitpic

There are many Twitter photo-sharing services to sift thro’, but the most familiar and also the most popular one is TwitPic.

The great way in which you can showcase your products is by Photo-sharing on twitter. It is very easy to use it just requires the users to sign in via Twitter oAuth, and showcase photos in a timeline. TwitPic adds up the additional value of being recognized with your twitter stream.

4. Blogging Platform: Tumblr

Many corporate blogs are catching on with many companies of all size and types. In order to make a corporate blog you must have a convincing content, many dedicated writers and obviously a blogging platform.

You can make use of Tumblr to make blogging. This is as easy as tweeting. This is also very easy to use and also there are tons of themes and re-blogging features which make it easy for the users to share the contents.

5. Social Media Dashboard: TweetDeck

There are many social media management tools are available for small business owners. The best one is TweetDeck and this used by many small business owners. It is free and it enables you to connect across various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google Buzz.

The dashboard is very clean, customisable and also easy to use which allows the users to organize feed, messages, mentions and searches across multiple columns.

Diaspora : An open source answer to Facebook

Diaspora, the Facebook’s substitute was created as a decentralised open source social network by Students, which will provide users with more privacy for their information.

Four students from University in New York have joined together to develop a Decentralized Open Source as an alternative for Facebook called as “Diaspora”. According to the students, this will give more control for users for their privacy of information.


Today, Karen Sandler, the general counsellor of SFLC (Software Freedom Law Center) told that Diaspora was motivated by a lecture that was given by the Chairman and director counsel of SFLC on Friday. The company gives lawful services for Open source projects and companies.

During the Lecture, Moglen warned about the use of cloud computing could take away the users’ control their privacy and the privacy laws differs from place to place. He said, “The architecture is pleading us, to be used unlawfully.”

Facebook has been watched closely by privacy analysts in the following months and has been a place of forceful protest. It has recently come up with some granular controls by updating its privacy settings followed by a group discussion on it.

Moglen has stroke the bell at the right time and more significantly induced a solid action. It is really surprising that the project was started soon in a meeting which not many could have understood but many thought that this to be hopeful.

According to reports, the Diaspora project has been getting more funds than what it anticipated, as it has got several thousands of money. The Diaspora’s website has stated that the prototype of the system is ready to be released.

Lot of users are ready to give up their privacy for the social network and the services that Facebook gives, while some wants the FB to improve. If FB cant improve its privacy options it could lose its members to Diaspora.

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Facebook’s competitor to be build by Google -WSJ

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal stated that, Google is trying to build a new service as a competitor to the Facebook (social networking site), which is evident from the talks that the company had with several gaming companies. This information was given by people who are trustworthy with the matter.

Google, the leading giant in the Internet had been discussing with online game producers for the service. Play fish games’ owner Electronic Arts Inc, Zynga Game Network Inc and Playdom Inc were the companies with whom Google had talks, according to the reports. The reports said that, the release of this new service is not known till now. Orkut, the social networking site is already owned by the Google.

Facebook’s competitor to be build by Google -WSJ

No word from Google yet about the reports that were released.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Walt Disney Co has announced that it is planning to get Playdom for the cost of 563.2 million dollars. This was because of the reason that internet games on the Facebook and other social networking sites are evolving really fast and so they want to capitalise on it by establishing the link between the social networking and social network’s gaming developers.

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Web Page released by FB to highlight Online Safety

On Monday, the leading Social Networking site, Facebook has released a Web Page dedicated to highlight the need for being safe on the Internet.

Facebook’s Joe Sullivan has stated in the blog post that, “The ‘Safety Page’ will be featuring the news and ideas concentrating on the ways people can have their data secured in the Globe’s chief Social Networking website online”.

Facebook Security Page

This new ‘Safety Page’ is thought to be the supplement of Virtual Safety Center, which was launched by Facebook on Apr 2010. That was also dedicated by FB as a “Security Page”, which on Monday has crossed the mark of 2.2 million fans.

Sullivan added that, “Internet Safety is a collective responsibility. We will try our best in finding creative ways to endorse safety in our service and all over the web”

Last week, the count of Facebook members has crossed well over the 500 million spot, which means that at least one from every fourteen people on the earth are members of the Social Networking site Facebook.

The release of the new Safety Page happened during the needs of demands from privacy activists that FB has given the members of the leading Social Network greater control on the their personal data that they use on the site.

Last month, Facebook’s co founder and CEO Mark, Zuckerberg was given an open letter by the union of Privacy communities. They applauded the Facebook for their latest revamps of its privacy controls and said that more steps are needed.

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Facebook- Up and Over! MySpace Down and Out!

According to ComScore, MySpace has got only half the amount of viewers that it had the last year.

On May 2010, the Internet Research Company ComScore had said that only 3.3 million internet users are visiting the Social Network (MySpace) when compared to 6.5 million users in May 2009, which means a 49 % decrease.

facebook Myspace

MySpace came into the Social Networking field on the year 2003 and had a record 100 million users. On 5005, Rupert Murdoch chairman of New Corp has bought MySpace for £351million (US 535$ million)

But now, MySpace is finding it hard to keep up with its rival Facebook, which has got popular from 2008 and has consequently surpassed MySpace.

At the start of this week, Facebook has informed that it has got more than 500 million members. ComScore stated that, considering UK alone, the FB has got nearly 30.4 million members, which is 79 % of UK’s Internet-user population.

Also, the micro blogging website Twitter has got more than 4.3 million members in United Kingdom, which amounts up to 62 % in the last year.

ComScore has said that 90 % of United Kingdom online users having the age 15 and above are using Social Networking in the year May 2010.

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Facebook, social networking site reached 500 million users

On Wednesday the company announced that the Facebook, social networking site has reached over 500 million users. The 6 year old site has reached 8 percent of the overall population, just 18 months after it croosed the 150 million user mark. Last month Mark Zuckerberg said that there is a good chance that the social networking site will be reached to 1 billion of users within 3 to 5 years.


At a record setting pace the Facebook has continued adding user in spite of the growing concerns about the privacy policies of a site which has huge data on its users than any other site.

Facebook reached the milestone with the release of the new special section in which the users are been asked to post their personal stories on how does the Facebook as exaggerated them

Zuckerberg said in a video message that “500 million is a nice number but the numbers doesn’t really matter here. What matters is that are the entire story that we hear from you all about the impact your connections have had on your lives”

Rather than focusing on numbers, we want to aid the folks around the globe to hear about these stories for themselves and we want to allow you to say your own story.”

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Google and Facebook may collide to make a Smarter Web

Today, Google has taken measures to join hands with Facebook to create a smarter Web. Meta Web is the one which works on information packaging upon the Internet that can be browsed and linked in a more significant method better than network of links. Google has now obtained this Meta Web.

facebook and google working to make smarter web

Today Jack Menzel wrote in the Official Google blog, “As time goes by, we are enhanced search by expanding our knowledge of query used and web pages. The Web is just not a word – it is info about the real-world and knowing the connection between real world objects will guide us to deliver the appropriate info faster. Meta Web has been obtained by us today, a company which has got open database about the objects in the globe. We want to better the search and make the web wealthier and momentous for all, by working together with Meta Web”

Menzel states that the searches should yield results that are sharper than a knife.

“When you type something like Obama’s birthday, you should get the first result indicating the result. We know what people want and by working together with Meta Web we can give you desired results”.

Not only Google, but also Facebook wants to improve. Facebook introduced Open Graph by spring, which tries to bring the ends of the web together with packages that are more apt to its users. CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg “We are relating the graph parts to small businesses” told to a spectator at the F8 conference in Apr. “Pandora is trying to map the part of the graph that is related to melody. Now, we take these segments and join them together to produce a more societal, more customized, more logically aware and a smarter web”.

Kim Mai Cutter at Deals & More website said that, the giants will have to fight it out for the metadata. “Facebook has got the info about the needs of over 500 millions users and so it has better chance to get the metadata for search needs”. “And about Google, nothing can exists with the Google search”

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Vaseline’s FB Application – A Racial application

Facebook has got a new application for Indians referred as Vaseline Face Whitening application. This application has now caused uproar in the Facebook regarding the racial issue about the skin colour.

Vaseline is an Anglo-Dutch skin care company who has recently released an app “Transform your Face on your Facebook” with the ad of Shahid Kapoor (Bollywood actor), especially for men in order to advertise the skin lightening products.

Vaseline facebook racist application

This app will whiten your profile photo by removing its dark spots. This has caused a furore among the Face book network.

Alexis Madrigal is a columnist in The Atlantic (US magazine) who wrote, “Vaseline’s recent marketing method is directed mainly towards Southern part of Asia yet if used globally might be uncomfortable for you”.

Modern People would want their skin to become light or dark, which reminds us of the racial issue that are present in lot of countries.

According to research group for market Nielson, the worth of the market for face cream is more than 500$ million/year. There is an increase of sales for about 25% and 17% for men and women respectively compared to last year.

The face cream for women was first released before 27 years. Emami is an Indian cosmetics group which has introduced the “Fair & Handsome” face cream for men by ShahRukhKhan (Bollywood actor) before 5 years (2005).

Indian Men Magazine MW’s editor Radhakrishnan Nair told AFP that, “the advertisers are playing with Men’s Minds”. They advertise that, “when you are having a fair skin, you can also get a better job or even a promotion and also a trustworthy wife.”

Even those matrimonial ads that are coming in the Indian Newspapers are also a good example of likeness of being pale.

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Facebook’s most popular face is a Russian spy

According to the reports in Moscow, In Social Networking site (Facebook), Anna Chapman is rated as the most popular person among all the Russians. Anna Chapman was popular because of the fact that he was on among the ten who was arrested in United States for the act of Spying on them.

facebook most popular page

Liveinternet.ru is a statistic website possessed by German Klimenko who has stated that, “The Chapman’s Facebook page which is in Russian version was top in the list of most user-visited page in Facebook.”

German Klimenko stated that, “The ratings are calculated based on the number of Facebook users who visited that page. This rating method used in Facebook is dissimilar from the method used in Yandex for rating its blog sites.”

On June 27, Chapman who aged 28 was arrested by Unites States of police. He was accused for being one among the ten people who tried to spy on the United States.

Chapman was born in Volgograd and Gorodskiye Vesti is a newspaper which has announced a competition for selecting a best song that is to be dedicated to Chapman.

According to British Foreign Office, Chapman was underprivileged for his British Citizenship.

There was a swap deal made between United States and Russia last week, to end the spy scandal between them. This deal was signed in Vienna, where Russia had released 4 prisoners who was previously arrested for spying actions in exchange for their 10 Russians.

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