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Facebook trying to catch up with Orkut in India: Report

A media reported here that, Facebook, the social networking service has been developing rapidly around the globe and it is even catching up the social networking Orkut in India and Brazil.

Facebook Vs orkut

New York Times reported that Facebook has started pulling out the Orkut in India. But one year ago Orkut was twice larger than Facebook.

It also added that “Last year the social networking Facebook has grown from eightfold to 8 million users in Brazil, where the social networking Orkut has twenty eight million”.

The 26 year old Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has envisaged that Facebook users will be reaching to 1 billion users but he didn’t say when.

“Facebook wants to be ubiquitous, and they are being successful for now,” NYT said.

NYT said, “Facebook wanted to be everywhere and they are now being successful”

The report also added that the rise of the Facebook has created a challenge for the Google and already it had made the search engine giant worried.

Todd Dagres said that “There can’t be a greater threatening to the giant Google than a company which has more than five hundred million subscribers and knows very well a lot about them and placing targeted ads in front of them.”

One of the main thing which driven the Facebook to a global expansion is its efforts in making the networks to be available in several languages.

Last year the no. of users in US has got doubled to 123 million and the number of user in Mexico is tripled to 11 million and in Germany the number of user is quadrupled to 19 million.

On the other hand the website has been blocked in China.  In Japan, Russia and South Korea only there are less than a million users.

It has a upward revenue of nearly 1 billion USD annually. Bing Gordon who is the maker of the famous games like mafia wars and Farmville games, said to NYT that Facebook had been hired few best engineers in Silicon Valley.