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Skype – Facebook Video Chat Integration!

Skype and Facebook are going hand in hand to provide an integration of the Skype’s Video Chat function on FaceBook. Skype has confirmed its integration plan with the Facebook Social Networking Website, Last month. There was speculation on this Facebook Skype integration plan, even before the formal announcement was made.

Facebook Chat Skype Integration

But thought, it has not yet been released for service on Facebook. Tal Ater, the Facebook App Developer from Facebook has re-lightened this speculation surrounding the plan by referring to the “Video Chat” object to be used on the Facebook code.

Due to this Skype – Facebook integration, the code used would represent several Skype’s own properties and Skype user Ids. Tal Ater said that this Skype Video Chat feature from Facebook is being tested by a group of Facebook people. In most cases, the test has resulted in failure of the code to appear every time when the page is refreshed or reloaded.

It is expected that with the Skype – Facebook integration, a tab will be present on the Facebook that can be used by the members to SMS, Chat, or Call other Facebook member on Skype. All the Facebook members are hoping for the integration feature to arrive and it’s not going to take more time. Actually speaking, the Facebook code linking to the Skype user Ids, it virtually mean that FB is trying to establish their own Video Chat feature that lets FB members to allow Video Chat with their Skype Contacts as well.

In short, this Skype – Integration feature lets you to import your Skype Contacts on to your Facebook and the Facebook’s Contacts on to your Skype. This provides a bridge between the Social networking and the communication and messaging systems.

Some snippets of codes were released online by a coder. The code apparently searches either for Skype Kit SDK presence or the support for ActiveX in IE browser. The last part is the headless installation option of Skype, a means for S/W and H/W designers to utilize the basic Skype audio and video call functionality in their applications and systems, without the need to make use of a regular standalone Skype client and UI.

This act of Facebook bringing Video Chat is an effort to build a fault free robust communication and synchronization among different environmental platform. You can also make a guess out of this; Facebook might try to add a Video Chat mix across different service providers or at least the Skype integration for now. From the past, during May ’09, we come to know that Facebook has tested with a similar kind of codes. But, Facebook has commented that it was just a testing made on that kind of feature and it has got no plans to launch it soon for their members. The only FAQ for now on the Skype – Facebook integration looks more like “When”, rather than “If”.

Fascinatingly, Skype launched FB wall supportability on its newest release, recently named Skype v5.0 that pulls in the FB news feed in a way for members to post comments, updates or statuses.