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Facebook’s most popular face is a Russian spy

According to the reports in Moscow, In Social Networking site (Facebook), Anna Chapman is rated as the most popular person among all the Russians. Anna Chapman was popular because of the fact that he was on among the ten who was arrested in United States for the act of Spying on them.

facebook most popular page

Liveinternet.ru is a statistic website possessed by German Klimenko who has stated that, “The Chapman’s Facebook page which is in Russian version was top in the list of most user-visited page in Facebook.”

German Klimenko stated that, “The ratings are calculated based on the number of Facebook users who visited that page. This rating method used in Facebook is dissimilar from the method used in Yandex for rating its blog sites.”

On June 27, Chapman who aged 28 was arrested by Unites States of police. He was accused for being one among the ten people who tried to spy on the United States.

Chapman was born in Volgograd and Gorodskiye Vesti is a newspaper which has announced a competition for selecting a best song that is to be dedicated to Chapman.

According to British Foreign Office, Chapman was underprivileged for his British Citizenship.

There was a swap deal made between United States and Russia last week, to end the spy scandal between them. This deal was signed in Vienna, where Russia had released 4 prisoners who was previously arrested for spying actions in exchange for their 10 Russians.

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