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Facebook’s competitor to be build by Google -WSJ

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal stated that, Google is trying to build a new service as a competitor to the Facebook (social networking site), which is evident from the talks that the company had with several gaming companies. This information was given by people who are trustworthy with the matter.

Google, the leading giant in the Internet had been discussing with online game producers for the service. Play fish games’ owner Electronic Arts Inc, Zynga Game Network Inc and Playdom Inc were the companies with whom Google had talks, according to the reports. The reports said that, the release of this new service is not known till now. Orkut, the social networking site is already owned by the Google.

Facebook’s competitor to be build by Google -WSJ

No word from Google yet about the reports that were released.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Walt Disney Co has announced that it is planning to get Playdom for the cost of 563.2 million dollars. This was because of the reason that internet games on the Facebook and other social networking sites are evolving really fast and so they want to capitalise on it by establishing the link between the social networking and social network’s gaming developers.

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