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Seagate Expansion External 2TB 8.15” Review

If you have a strong penchant to collect and watch movies in HD, store your photos for long time, flood your hard drive with all kinds of music and software you will find the Seagate Expansion External Hard disk to be a great companion. With a humungous amount of space available you can store loads of data in your drive and most importantly at a very low cost. The word expansion suits well in the world where having an external hard drive has become mandatory for every person using a PC.

expansion external review


Features   Description
1. Device type   Hard drive- External Hard Drive
2. Width   5 in
3. Depth   8.1 in
4. Height   1.6 in
5. Weight   2.2 lbs
6. Form Factor   3.5”
7. Capacity   2 TB
8. Interface Type   Hi-Speed USB 2.0
9. Interface Transfer Rate   480 Mbps
10. Expansion Interfaces   1 * Hi-Speed USB
11. Cables Included   1 * USB cable
12. Power source   Included AC adapter
13. OS Required   Microsoft Windows Vista/ XP, Apple MacOS X 10.4.8 or later
14. Warranty   2 Years Limited Warranty


Seagate External Expansion Hard Drive 8.15” is a good, rather satisfying solution for the growing need for enormous storage space. With nearly 2 TB of space you can store all the data you have. To state a fact there is not a necessity to have 2 TB of storage space.
Seagate is one of the top external hard drive manufacturers. The drive provides a comprehensive solution to the need for compact storage device. Like the rest of the external hard drives the 2 TB Expansion External is aesthetically pleasing and compact although it weighs over 1.5 kg.
Expansion External 8.15” has a standard 5400 rpm rotation speed supported by Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for transfer of data. You will find that the transfer speed is not all that fast but it provides above-average transfer speeds. With the market beginning to welcome External Hard drives with three and four interfaces, this particular hard drive may be a let down. It only has one standard traditional USB 2.0, which is not one among the fastest interfaces. But still its satisfactory for home and small office uses.
Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive 8.15” is very well suited for automatic backup features providing support for Apple’s Time Machine also which is an advantage for Apple Users.
You also have USB 2.0 cable included along with a good manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.


The Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive 2 TB 8.5” is available for a low cost of nearly $109.99 USD.


Seagate Expansion External Hard drive is a black aesthetically sufficient providing a decent performance. If you are expecting blazing transfer speed this may not be your drive you may as well go for quad interface devices. With its USB 2.0 it provides average transfer speeds.
The hard drive is pretty voluminous with its 2 TB space and is also very economical in price. The device as such is a little bulky considering the amount of space it packs. While some may say 2 TB is too much space for a common man.
Compared to all the triple and quad interface devices the USB 2.0 interface hard drive may seem like a let down. Compatibility with eSATA or FireWire could have been provided.

The drive seems to have certain hard drive issues like some crackling sound during operation. It’s a bad news for Apple users that you will have to format your drive to be compatible with Mac OS X. On the whole it is voluminous but could have been much better with great performance and features.