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Top 2 Cloud Providers – Google and IBM

This week, Evans Data conducted a survey with developers. The results of the survey exposed that Google and IBM are the best as the leading Cloud computing client.

The Biannual Evans Cloud Development survey 2010 consisted of greater than 400 software developers out of which 40 % of them voted Google as the best public Cloud provider. And 30 % of them voted for IBM to be the best private Cloud leader.

Top cloud providers

Google is regarded as the best in the business for the infrastructure, application management and installation for Public Clouds whereas IBM is the best in the same characteristics for Private Clouds.

CEO of Evans Data Janel Garvin issued a statement released by the company stated that, “Lot of Developers suppose to be in hybrid condition moving forward in regards with the application deployment for the Cloud. But, these two providers are regarded as the top in conforming to the 2 major requirements for either private or public clouds, which is Reliability and Security. All other providers are not even close to the top 2 leaders and it is visislbe that Google and IBM will be ruling the Cloud Scape in the near future”.

Evans said, “Developers want to transport applications to and fro among Private and Public Clouds.

Companies like Amazon are Public Clouds, who is a third party data centers present for Internet-based application deployments. Whereas, the companies having cloud based application deployment methods for internal networks are called private networks.

The survey has got some other things to share”

Nearly 80 % of the developers in the survey felt that it is essential for the cloud providers to give 100 % backward interoperability when a cloud infrastructure grows.

60 % were worried with geographical barriers of government with cloud computing.

After Security enhancements, a good Data Encryption is most needed for public clouds.

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