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Why Apple iPhone 4S Remains Scarce in Market

When the iPhone 4S was launched towards the end of 2011, there were some who were skeptical about its ability to sell as well as its predecessors. This was due to the perception that Apple had only made minor improvements to the iPhone 4. However, shortages of the smart phone quickly ensued, proving this idea to be false and causing Apple to announce that some orders could well be delayed. The question is whether the iPhone 4S is still scarce in the current market or have manufacturers have finally got up to speed, allowing supply to meet demand?

Perhaps the biggest indication that the iPhone 4S is no longer in short supply comes in the form of Apple’s Q1 2012 sales reports published in January. They suggest that the first three months since new CEO Tim Cook took office have been the most successful ever for the firm.

Mr Cook was handed the position of CEO after Apple founder Steve Jobs died last year, stepping into a role that has seen him take charge of one of the world’s most valuable companies. Some had assumed that the untimely departure of Jobs might signal a downward spiral for Apple because of the importance of its visionary leader. However, Mr Cook has clearly had a positive impact and has been able to sustain the company’s growth during his early weeks in charge.

The iPhone 4S and the other available versions in this range sold just over 37 million units over the past three months, helping Apple to increase its revenues to more than $46 billion, with a profit of $13 billion. Shareholders enjoyed a dividend of $13.87 for each share, which is clearly due in part to the 128 per cent increase in iPhone sales that was fuelled by the popularity of the 4S and the increased affordability of 2010’s iPhone 4 and 2009’s 3GS.

There is little doubt that Apple has clearly worked through any problems on the production side of things so that the iPhone 4S handsets can be pumped out of the factory just as fast as they are being snapped up by consumers on the other side of the planet.

Of course, the iPhone 4S was created during a period of supply-chain problems for Apple, with the Japanese tsunami of March 2011 forcing it to push back the launch of the handset into the autumn. This upset its usual summer launch schedule and is likely to mean that the sixth iPhone, due in 2012, will also arrive later in the year to give the iPhone 4S a chance to corner the market once more.

Apple could experience shortages once the iPhone 4S replacement hits shelves because it will almost certainly be using a completely different design and set of internal components compared with its precursor. Experts are predicting that it will have a larger screen, perhaps as big as 4.3 inches across the diagonal, which will completely alter the shape of the device and prevent Apple from using the same parts as it did for the 4S.

Providing there are no major natural disasters, or indeed problems with paint that prevented the white iPhone 4 from emerging for month after month, the next iPhone should be launched on time. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S is unlikely to sell out in the immediate future.

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Judgment Time for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 from Apple looks glossy, glassy, has got good working speed and other aspects to call it the best ever.

Key characteristics

Retina display: This retina display gives crystal clear display for you iPhone 4, which is better than the iPad itself. The number of pixel resolution is more making the picture and text quality look fantastic. You can now directly view the web content without zooming at all.

Motion control: The gyroscope together with accelerometer and compass, the iPhone4 can figure out what position you are holding and what location you are present. The motion sensor gaming, augmented reality and others can give you great experience.

HD camera and video: The iPhone 4 has got 5megapixel camera that can take quality photos, bright and fast, even at low lighting conditions without using the LED flash. The 720p video recording in High Definition makes it a better than its competitors.

iMovie and FaceTime: The video calling standard app that works only among the iPhone users through Wi-Fi is termed as Facetime. You can edit the High Definition video with iMovie app, by performing various transitions within few seconds, even faster than a Personal Computer.

Comparison from HTC Desire:

The HTC Desire has got a processing speed of 1GHz and a bigger AMOLED display (average pixel resolutions of 480×800) that runs on a Android OS, makes it alternate for iPhone 4.

But, it is not slim compared to iPhone 4.

Tech Talk

Screen: 3.5 inch touch screen display having resolution of 640×960

Processor: Apple A4 with 1GHz processing power

Capacity: Available as either 16GB or 32GB

Camera/video: A 5 megapixel camera that has got LED flash and can record 720p HD videos at 30fps

Connectivity: Quad band GSM connectivity, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, Digital Compass

Battery: With 3G services you can have talk time of 7 hours and browsing for 6 hours. You can enjoy 40 hours of music, 10 hours of video, and 300 hours of standby time.

Sensors: 3-axis gyro, accelerometer, proximity, light

iOS4: The Advantages and the Disadvantages

Folders: You can manage at least 2000 apps in a single folder, but it is tough to find what you want from the small thumbnails of the apps. Improvement needed.

iBooks: With the high resolution display, reading eBooks is made easy. But, the small screen may be a drawback though.

Multitasking: Multitasking is at its best, as you can open Skype, Maps and listen to music, which can be switched between by double tapping the home button.

Email: Have all the mail in one place. Replying to group and classifying mails have been made better.

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iPhone 4 real reason for reception issues

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’s announcement of free cases or refund for their previously bought cases might be an eye wash to take cover for some time.

The solution for the “Death Claw” (reception problem) is free bumper case for all (unless again the phone is hold in the similar way, as said by jobs in the email sent while the issue was overhauling).

iPhone 4 reception issue

According to jobs, “the antennagate” the way media refer it, has been overemphasised” and he says other smart phones were also having the similar problems. When you hold them in the wrong way, the signal bars will begin to dip. Jobs has defended by saying, they had not received any complaints from other models regarding the same problems. We may have a bigger verification in the future about this.

We can understand that, Apple is under the scanner now and so for every step that they take, they will be scrutinized and the products that they release will be watched over by the media.

The reason for failure of the iPhone was poor testing? Apple used 100 $ million anechoic chambers to test their iPhones reception (which is really good). But the iPhone was not tested in rigorous environments to estimate the way in which the iPhone reception was working. The iPhone should have been tested in a place having bigger building, terrains, and constantly varying cell towers and over stretched networks, which may not be possible. Apple is just like other companies, which do not perform field testing of their products. They test in a way like “phone found at the bar”. Apple tries to build the iPhones in a way avoid the antenna to come in contact with the skin or you can call it as no signal issues. The cases surrounding the iPhone act as a signal booster and so will eliminate the signal issues.

Apple’s way of giving free cases was to take care of the issue temporarily in order to take care of its upcoming products. It is really bad that, Apple who is well established has missed out a variable that is essential for the iPhone i.e. signal strength.

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Apple sued for Antenna Problem in iPhone 4

Customers who bought the

iPhone 4 complaint

about that the device has poor reception when holding it in a particular way.  Some customers who are not satisfied with the quality of their iPhone had sued Apple Inc.  Apple have receives at least 3 complaints about antenna problems.

Apple sued for antenna problem in iPhone

The antenna problems on iPhone 4 had been discussed in several blogs, forums and news site. It is not sure how many people experience antenna problems in their iPhone 4. During the first 3 days, more than 1,7000,000 million iPhones were sold. People are complaining that when the iPhone is held in certain way, the capability of the phone connectivity dropped.

The lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California court. It was filed against Apple and AT & T. AT&T is the wireless carrier for Apple iPhone in the United States. According to the lawsuit, Apple intentionally misrepresents iPhone 4 on the advertisement. The lawsuit reveals that the consumer complains that iPhone 4 has a defective design. Apparently Apple knows about the defects in iPhone 4 before it was sold to the public. Apple did not reveal it to the consumers.  The antenna problem is derived from the difficulty to configure the antenna so that the users are unable to establish a connection with AT & T network.

After customers complaint the problem to Apple and AT & T, they did not offer to ameliorate the problem. Thus, the customers have to fix the problem by themselves. Some customers are unhappy with the customer service of Apple and AT & T so they have decided to file a lawsuit. After the case was brought to the court, Apple offers consumers with three options. The first option is to hold the iPhone in an awkward manner. The second option is to pay for a 10% fee and refund their phone. The third option is to purchase the Apple’s case for $29.95 and have the problem fixed by a technician.

The iPhone 4 has a different design than the iPhone 3. One of the prominent designs in iPhone 4 is the band surrounding the rim of the phone. The band serves as an antenna to AT & T. The band was intended to provide a nicer appearance to the iPhone. Despite that, the position of the band had caused the phone to face antenna problem. While most phones have antennas at the bottom, the antennas of iPhone 4 are located on the exterior.  Before the lawsuit was filed, many people had already started to complaint it in the online forums.