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Apple’s annoying policy of delaying the iPhone 4 intentionally

On Friday, Apple’s iPhone 4 was made available to 17 other countries and cities. Among them, New Zealand was also included. But, strangely the iPhone 4 was not available for the New Zealanders.

A representative from Apple said that the iPhone 4 sale would begin later in the day during the course of their website being updated, but the representative had not said about the reason for the delay.

Apple iphone 4 delay

On Twitter, Vodafone’s Speaker said that the morning sales were called off. Other Media Reposts suggested that the sales will be starting from the afternoon only.

This was the second setback for Apple in New Zealand. Last week on Friday, a bay of anger came out during the launch of the iPad because of the intense mystery about its release. And now a week after that, a new problem about delay in iPhone 4 has resulted.

Apple’s act of refusing to say about the launch of the Multimedia tablet in advance would have made everyone obsessive but upset buyers were wandering around the stores on bigger cities to know where the product will be launched.

Now again, same thing happened in the case of iPhone 4 as well. A seller from a store also commented that this policy of Apple looks frustrating.

She said that, “This policy drives us mad sometimes”.

Apple is already facing the problem of reception issues with the iPhone 4 when it is handled in a particular position. Apple has now said that, they would issue free bumper cases to solve the issue.

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