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Kindle Fire – Most Desired Holiday Wish-List Item, Apple iPad Sales Plunge

amazon kindle fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire is truly the iPad killer product that is crushing down the sales of the Apple iPad. No other tablet PC was able to compete with the Apple iPad. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which is more features than the iPad was unable to bring down the sales of the iPad. However, the Amazon Kindle Fire that was released in November 2011 has already managed to surpass the sales of iPad. The Kindle Fire is considered to be the most desired holiday wish-list item.

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One of the main reasons why the Kindle Fire has become so famous in short period is the fact that it is available at a very affordable price as compared to the iPad. The sales of the Apple iPad has shooting down from 16 million to 13 million and this is mainly happening during the holiday season of December when the iPad’s sales were expected to grow even more. The release of the Kindle Fire in the month of November 2011 was timed perfectly to attract the oncoming vacation season. Over 1 million Kindle Fire is sold every week.

The vice-president of Amazon Kindle Fire, Dave Limp has stated that the Kindle Fire is the most successful product that they have ever launched. They are making great efforts to build new Kindle Fire units to meet the high demand. Even though the Kindle Fire received ambiguous reviews at the beginning, it is managed to hit high sales in no time.

amazon kindle fire

There are several reasons why Apple iPad has failed miserably to compete with Kindle Fire. One of the main reasons is its price. When you compare the price of both the products, you can notice that anyone can afford a Kindle Fire rather than owning an iPad. The original iPad is still not available in many countries and still Apple managed to launch the iPad 2. The original iPad and the iPad 2 are still priced high. The sales of iPad are increasing but it cannot compete with the Kindle Fire.

When you want to gift a Kindle Fire, you only need to spend 200USD whereas to gift to an iPad, you need to spend 500USD. It has been observed that many people are looking cheap tablets to buy. While searching for cheap tablets, people often come across the Kindle Fire. Since the product has a very famous brand backing it and is available at a cheaper price than iPad, the sales are bound to shoot high.

Some people do not like to compare iPad and the Kindle Fire. The iPad has a mammoth screen size of 10 inches whereas the Kindle Fire has a comparatively smaller screen of 7 inches. The Kindle Fire is just an eBook reader and it can be used for watching movies, listening to music and browsing the web. The iPad functions more like a laptop. You should be clear about the fact the Kindle Fire is not an alternative product to the iPad. In simpler terms, Kindle Fire offers basic entertainment features that cannot match the feature rich iPad.

Awesome Nokia N8 – Alternative for iPhone and Android phones?

Nokia N8, the handset that has got both the style and performance that can even challenge the Apple iPhone. The Nokia N8’s body is made up of anodized aluminium, single piece structure that embeds a battery that is irremovable, and a front side having only one button. The Nokia N8 sports a 3.5” inches AMOLED Capacitive Display Touch Screen that is built with Gorilla Glass, making it completely scratch free. This will be the 1st Symbian OS running handset to support the pinch to zoom feature for both the Photo Album and the Web Browser.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

The Nokia N8 is fully loaded with exciting features including the 12 MP Camera featuring Xenon Flash and Carl Zeiss Optic Lens that makes it better from the others. The Photos taken using that 12 MP camera matches the quality of the photos taken from a Point and Shoot Digital Cameras. The Camera also supports 720p Video Recording at a speed of 25 frames per sec. With the High End inbuilt graphic processor, you can even play High Definition videos. You can share/view the videos and photos with your friends via the HDMI port on your phone to a HD television.

You can experience a complete theatre effect of Music and Video Playback from Nokia N8, as it features the surround sound Dolby Digital Plus capability. Either on your Home Theatre or on your headsets, you can always have 100% guaranteed entertainment.

The inbuilt memory of 16 GB from the Nokia N8 can be extended up to 48 GB, the maximum so far from any SmartPhones that have come from Nokia.

The striking feature on this N8 would be the USB on the go. You can use any pen drive on the USB port and view the files on the pen drive pretty fast. The contents can then be played or can be sent to the phone. You can also connect it with a printer or a portable hard drive that has got the electric power externally.

Social Networking can be enjoyed via the Social Networking Apps like Twitter and Facebook. But, the widget on the home screen does not notify multiple status update at the same time.

Symbian OS is well known for its multitasking support that lets you to work on many apps simultaneously with the same good performance (scalability). The Symbian ^3 Operating System is an improved version of (5th edition) S60, but though needs more improvement to match the Android and iOS. The Menu navigation and common tasks like messaging takes bit more time – Write the message, verify and send it, while in other OS you can just write and send directly.

Battery backup is awesome. Just charge once and you can make outgoing calls, surf the internet, do multitasking with apps, and the charge will last for the next 36 hours.

The Nokia N8, priced at Rs 26, 259 is reasonably the best handset to come from the Nokia and is sure to attract all the Nokia Fans, but though the Android running Samsung Galaxy and the 8GB Apple iPhone 3GS might outscore this Nokia N8. Let us wait and see!!!

New iPad Release Date Rumor : The Next iPad Will be out for Christmas?

New iPad Release Date Rumor : The Next iPad Will be out for Christmas?. As we all know, Apple is quite rhythmic in releasing their new products. There are certain months of the year when we know that eventually your wallet to buy the latest jewel that Steve Jobs will propose, and probably, we spend the months prior to set aside the money to buy it.

According to this news, which I repeat , I invite you to be taken Lightly, next New iPad would come out already for the Christmas holidays 2010. In short, with an advance of three months compared to timetable’s usual Apple .

These iPad rumors are more and more insistent, even if doubts remain, and are not related solely to habit. In my opinion miss the time frame of the presentation dell’iPad of the second generation, even because if the decision was taken to match the output with the holidays, should be in contemporary world.

Let me know if you agree with this iPad Rumor.

iPad to be Sold in Nine New Countries on Friday

Apple announced that on Friday the touchscreen multimedia devices will be available in 9 different countries and they are Belgium, Mexico, Austria, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore and Ireland

iPad to be released in Nine counteries

Presently the iPad is available in the countries like Spain, France, Canada, U.S., Japan, Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Germany and Italy.

Previously Apple had said about the release of the iPad in 9 different countries in July but it haven’t unveiled the date.

By making use of iPad users can watch videos, listen to songs, play games, surf web or read ebooks.

The cheapest iPad model costs $499 which comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity and 16 GB of Memory while the most costly iPad model costs $829 which comes with a 3G connectivity and also 64GB of Memory.

On Jun 22nd Apple announced that more 3 millions of iPad were sold since the iPad went on sale in the U.S. on 3rd April.

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Apple iPad Review

apple ipad review
“Apple”, one of the most inviolable contenders in the technology market, has come up again with an unbelievable device ‘ipad’. You can call it a tablet computer, a slate or just ipad. This device is one beauty in its self. Ipad is apple’s newfangled cosset, little bigger than iphone but smaller than a usual laptop. Apple has once again proved that creativity can be unified with technology and that too beautifully. A step forward to prove this was iphone, and to take it even ahead is ipad. You will have to look at it to believe me. It’s just 9.56 inches long and 7.47 inches wide. With a weight of just 1.5 pounds and 0.5 inch thin. Has the same multi-touch like in iphone but has been re-engineered for larger screen to be become more accurate and responsive to the touch. This is a design revolution, a truly remarkable and magical device. I never thought executing everything starting from sending mail to surfing web along with fantabulous quality music in the background and all this without any buttons or stylus with just a touch is possible in such a sleek device is truly fantastical.

To talk about the features of ipad you can go on and on. To start with the most essential tool now-a days is the web browser. Ipad comes with an apple safari web browser to view pictures clearly with vibrant colours which makes it readable. You can scroll up, down with the most natural pointing device your finger. You just need to tap on the concerned photo to zoom in or out of it. Also, to view your mail in an innovative way. To view it in landscape you’ll see a split screen showing both an opened mail and inbox messages. To open your mail by itself then all you have to do is just turn your ipad to view in a portrait mode and the email automatically rotates and fills the screen. Ipad works with all the leading email providers, like yahoo, Gmail, hotmail and AOL. Coming to the photo gallery, you don’t have to arrange all the messed up photos like in your phone as ipad stacks all your photos like in an album.

The high resolution LED backlit IPS display screen of ipad simply completes its look and the feeling of whatever video or movie you’re watching. And no matter how busy you are or how much you have to travel in a day your iPod always will lift up your mood with all your favourite music on your fingertips. To schedule your life and never forget your important meetings, ipad calendar keeps you updated with the current date, month and your what-to–do list for that day.

Ipad includes an all new feature called the ibook which is like an online library for you, where you can save the downloaded books and can buy books and save there. You can navigate yourself by using the high resolution maps offered by ipad, in a more advanced terrain view. As also it may help you find nearby places like restaurant or shopping mall. Also at the apple istore you can take the privilege of all the new games and applications designed for ipad. All in all apple ipad is everyone chase now, as it fulfils all the expectations of what human demands.