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Kindle Fire – Most Desired Holiday Wish-List Item, Apple iPad Sales Plunge

amazon kindle fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire is truly the iPad killer product that is crushing down the sales of the Apple iPad. No other tablet PC was able to compete with the Apple iPad. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which is more features than the iPad was unable to bring down the sales of the iPad. However, the Amazon Kindle Fire that was released in November 2011 has already managed to surpass the sales of iPad. The Kindle Fire is considered to be the most desired holiday wish-list item.

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One of the main reasons why the Kindle Fire has become so famous in short period is the fact that it is available at a very affordable price as compared to the iPad. The sales of the Apple iPad has shooting down from 16 million to 13 million and this is mainly happening during the holiday season of December when the iPad’s sales were expected to grow even more. The release of the Kindle Fire in the month of November 2011 was timed perfectly to attract the oncoming vacation season. Over 1 million Kindle Fire is sold every week.

The vice-president of Amazon Kindle Fire, Dave Limp has stated that the Kindle Fire is the most successful product that they have ever launched. They are making great efforts to build new Kindle Fire units to meet the high demand. Even though the Kindle Fire received ambiguous reviews at the beginning, it is managed to hit high sales in no time.

amazon kindle fire

There are several reasons why Apple iPad has failed miserably to compete with Kindle Fire. One of the main reasons is its price. When you compare the price of both the products, you can notice that anyone can afford a Kindle Fire rather than owning an iPad. The original iPad is still not available in many countries and still Apple managed to launch the iPad 2. The original iPad and the iPad 2 are still priced high. The sales of iPad are increasing but it cannot compete with the Kindle Fire.

When you want to gift a Kindle Fire, you only need to spend 200USD whereas to gift to an iPad, you need to spend 500USD. It has been observed that many people are looking cheap tablets to buy. While searching for cheap tablets, people often come across the Kindle Fire. Since the product has a very famous brand backing it and is available at a cheaper price than iPad, the sales are bound to shoot high.

Some people do not like to compare iPad and the Kindle Fire. The iPad has a mammoth screen size of 10 inches whereas the Kindle Fire has a comparatively smaller screen of 7 inches. The Kindle Fire is just an eBook reader and it can be used for watching movies, listening to music and browsing the web. The iPad functions more like a laptop. You should be clear about the fact the Kindle Fire is not an alternative product to the iPad. In simpler terms, Kindle Fire offers basic entertainment features that cannot match the feature rich iPad.

The new releasing iPad 2 and its features

You might have heard lot of rumors about the new releasing iPad 2.0 from the Apple. Apple’s report “Guess what you can expect from iPad 2.0” from the supply chain has every chance to become true. This Apple iPad 2.0, without saying would be enhancement or the upgrade of the earlier Apple’s successful iPad.

Apple iPad 2 Releasing features

According to a Chinese language newspaper, sources from industry state that this new iPad 2 will be having these 5 new features.

1) 3-axis gyroscope
2) Better mobility
3) New display technology
4) USB
5) Video phone

The gyroscope feature isn’t actually fresh for Apple, but for iPad. The gyroscope feature has already been introduced in its iPhone 4.

Features of Apple’s iPad 2 :

Better Mobility

What do you mean by “better mobility”? The iPad that could be carried anywhere you go. Apple is suspected to use a better material technology for manufacturing their iPad 2 device lighter in weight. According to Brian Blair, the analyst from Wedge Partners said that Apple is going to release a “World iPad” that will run on the Qualcomm’s Multimode CDMA GSM chips.

New Display Technology

What about the new display technology? Does this mean the device being more thin, light in weight and more malleable? The device could sport a 9.7” inch Retinal Display made up of Gorilla Glass. According to the reports, the device would feature a enhanced image and colour output performance.

Based on the latest reports, the Video Phone feature suggest that Apple will be providing the video cameras on both front and back, made by Omnivision.

This only means that we are free from the Apple’s own cable technology issues. The reason for Apple to bring this mini USB feature might be due to the regulators of the Europe trying to brand it as a legal requirement for products to use standard interconnections.

Till now there has been speculation over the fact that Apple providing mini USB supportability for connection and synchronization of the device, but not anymore, as the supply chain sources have confirmed it.
This concept of a latest interconnect give legs.

Last week, Apple has confirmed that its latest iPad 2.0 will surely feature a landscape connector. According to the reports, the Apple iPad 2.0 will be looking like the one shown on the screen shot.

For instance, from the screen shot, we can understand that, when you connect the iPad 2.0 along with the Keyboard kit from Apple, you can experience the full landscape display entertainment. This could eventually mean that this iPad 2.0 becomes a significant alternative for your notebook/netbook replacement.

According to Nielsen, Apple iPad 2.0 sits right at the top in the wish lists for most of the teens, this Christmas. This means, Apple iPad 2.0 is expected to be in most of people’s hand before this year ends.

If you are going to buy one, it would be better to compare the prices given by the two giants the Amazon and the Apple, as they are usually competitive enough with each other, considering the price factor.