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Google Android Beats Apple iPhone

On Monday, Market trends monitor Nielson Company has released a report stating, “Before the close of 2011, several numbers of Smart Phones will be released in the U.S compared to the low featured mobiles.”

The report has also noted that the growth of Android OS from Google is increasing really fast and during the last 6 months, it has become better than the iPhone OS from Apple even with latest subscribers.

Though even with the new spike, the iPhone platform still considered as the SmartPhone that is popular among customers. The report from Neilson says that, “Considering the current subscribers who are all thinking to switch their mobile phones, 90 % of the iPhone users do not want to change their handset.” The report also said that, “29 % of Blackberry and 21 % of Android users have thought to switch to iPhone.”

Business Insider’s Dan Frommer stated that, “the main disadvantage of the iPhone could be that it is works only with one service provider, AT&T. But, the Android and Blackberry handsets can be used with any service providers.”

On Monday, an online research company, Canalys stated that, the sales of the Android (smart phones) handsets have increased to 88.6 % by the 2nd quarter of the 2010. The company added that, the overall growth of the SmartPhone market has increased by 64 % at the same time.

Nokia as well, has got a major part to play in the smart phones field around the globe. The report has stated that, Nokia has influenced a 38 % share in the world’s market of smart phones, by selling a record number of 24 million handsets in the 2nd quarter.

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Android Handsets pose threat to iPhones – Analyst

On Tuesday, A research company said that, “Apple’s iPhone would probably rule the Smartphone field for the next 5 years to come but though they have got heavy competition from mobiles that are running on the Android OS platform of the Google”.

Ovum, the technology Industry Consultancy announced that, “Considering the Asia-Pacific by the year 2015, the aggregate number of mobile application downloads are expected to cross 5.30 billion. In that, about 11 % or 597.15 millions of mobile application downloads would be for the iPhone alone”

Android Handsets pose threat to iPhones

In an analysis, Ovum has said that, “In the year 2010 alone, the total number of iPhone application downloads has yielded 62.16 $ million approximately”. This was announced 4 days before the release of the latest generation iPhone 4 for 17 other countries and cities across the world on Friday.

Adam Leach, the Principal Analyst of the Ovum has said in a statement that, “The Apple’s iPhone 4 is likely ‘to deal with much more competition compared to its ancestors”.

Leach added that, “The use of Google Android has been achieving heights and is supporting the producers to make wonderful substitutes for the iPhone and also for low costs”

He said that, “these Android OS running SmartPhones are none other than the clones of the branded iPhone”.

Leach stated that, “The threat to the Apple would be that these phones provide more liberty with existing contents and may also become more interesting, when it gives the apt Developer and User experience when compared to the phone that uses the Apple standard content alone”.

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