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Free Android Applications for HTC Hero

There are numerous free applications available in android market. We took a few which you can use at your HTC hero phone.

Android applications for HTC Hero

This application is needed for the user’s to view and manage the contacts. It displays our contacts with Contextual information and pictures, missed calls and unread messages.
This applications comes with a landscape view provide quiker access to our favorites and contacts.

Locale is one of the amazing applications which allow the user to handle the profile automatically.
Key features of this application is that we can know the battery level, dates, time, GPS coordinates and also about the calls from specific peoples.

Facebook for android is one of the special applications which was created to read and post status updates. we can post pictures, check our friends profile and share our time with friends.

It serves as an alternative to android web browser works faster and can load full HTML site.

This application is available in both free and pro version. This application is needed for viewing and sending tweets,follow the users,photo posting ang geo-sharing effects.

Iskoot is one of the free application for android that facilitates skype on our mobile.we can make the international calls by using this application as well as through skypeout.

This application provide the details about the deals.if we need the details about a product we can enter the name of the product this application search about the details of the product in web, local chain stores the best price and reviews about the product.

Ring droid application allow the user to create free ringtones, allow us to load the song into our SD

Meebo is a free instant messaging application .this application would support yahoo,MySpace, google talk, AIM.chat history will be saved in this application.

It is a music tagging system. if we need the details about the song which we hear simply we can launch the application, we should press the tag now button and we should hold the phone towards the speaker.

Within seconds we can get the information about the song name,artist,year of release and some other details related to the song.amazon MP3 stores the link ,and the artist myspace page, video link.

Its a free application which allows the user to build the profile to manage the phone. User can change the ringtone settings such as mute, vibrate etc. User can know about the Wi-Fi status, brightness and other aspects. It provides easy to use user interface for different settings

This is one of an android application that helps the user to know about the new places based on our preference. It would locate the information to suggest the information about the Stores, restaurants, popular places in our area which we would prefer to visit.

Gdocs application allow the user to view the spreadsheet and to create and edit and view the word Processor documents from their google docs account but the editing is restricted to text level only.

This is one of the open source application for posting text and images to wordpress blogs. This is one of the best application that would allow the user to post photos and thoughts from our android phone.

We hope you liked our list of free android applications for HTC hero. For more applications browse our free android apps and free android games section.