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Nintendo 3DS – Experience 3D gaming

After the press conference of the company ended at the E3, I got a chance to take a look at the new Nintendo handheld gaming console referred as Nintendo 3DS. The thing that I saw was a demo presentation only, even then the 3D display itself gives a reason for the gamers to purchase the Nintendo 3DS Gaming console and is sure to stay here until or otherwise other devices like Android, iPad and iPhone begin to provide features for 3D.

Nintendo 3D games Enjoy 3d gaming experience

The Nintendo 3DS is surely better than its previous 2D game play handheld consoles. The Nintendo 3DS comes with exiting customizable option that will give the gamer new functionalities that are not present in other handheld device console. Some important things to note in this Nintendo 3DS are the 3D slider that allows you to customize the camera angle and the 2 VGA cameras that are capable of recording and capturing 3D contents, the Wi-Fi connectivity and other functionalities are yet to be released by the company. The main feature of the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D game playing is that you do not need any 3D glasses while playing.

The main attraction found in the Nintendo 3DS is the 3D slider. When you want to ‘Zoom’ into the higher levels of 3D display, you will have to toggle upon the right hand side of the Nintendo. The visual display of the device looks awesome and the ability to play various games on several 3D depth levels of customization, will take you directly from the 2D to 3D experience.

There is a slide pad present on the bottom left side of the Nintendo screen, which can be used to control the angle of the camera with respect to the scene that you want to capture. This customization feature cannot be found on ordinary 2D game consoles. It lets you to view several vantage points that are present in the camera display while capturing the scene around you.

Additionally, when I was having the Nintendo 3DS on my hands, it brought memories about the DSi and the DS Lite. My first feel about the Nintendo 3DS is that it was looking like its predecessors. During the press conference, the Nintendo has not released full specifications about the Nintendo 3DS. The company said that the final design of the Nintendo 3DS’s Hardware details is still to be announced. Also, the other main details that everybody is looking for, the release date and the price of the device are yet to be announced.

We will just have to wait to know more on the 3D features and capability of the Nintendo 3DS like 3D game play, 3D video play back, and 3D still photos that are taken from the 2 VGA cameras that are present in the outer side of the device. There is also talk that the device works on Wi-Fi network as well, which means the device can download contents automatically when the device comes into contact with the hotspots. With all these customizable features in the Nintendo 3DS, it is sure that all the gamers will be awaiting its release to experience the new way of playing games in 3D.

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