KEF Universal Wireless System

Every sound is music and even silence has some sound. When you hear them you hear life. Music releases stress and gives immense pleasure to mind and soul. If you can hear these echoes without any distortions and quirkiness, you will wonder at the purity of listening sounds. One such amazing product is the KEF universal wireless system a high quality audio product with crystal clear sound performance. It is a higher end speaker system that can be used as an additional set up for your existing speaker system set ups including higher end music system, theatre system and computer system. You can place the KEF universal wireless system at any location inside your house and you will be surprised to have the same amazing sound quality without any oddness.

Technical Specifications

KEF universal wireless system does not use any wires and is an add-on setup for your any existing rear surround sound system set up. It can be used with any of the KEF speakers as well as speakers of any other brands. The KEF universal wireless system uses a 2.4 GHz transmission technology that gives a crystal clear clarity sound without any interferences, distortions and quirkiness. The KEF universal wireless system has a narrow band signal that features High Fidelity Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (HFADPCM) that ensures a high quality sound transmission. This is complemented by an advanced error correction technology that delivers a high quality transmission between the transmitters and the receivers. Finally KFL universal wireless system ensures interference free transmission of audio quality by using advanced frequency hopping spread spectrum that scrutinizes several channels at a time and switching to the strongest one. Due to this the high quality transmission is not affected by other home devices like wireless LAN routers, microwave ovens, mobile phones, cordless phones and many such devices.


The KFL Universal Wireless System is an expensive product when compared to other similar products and ranges from $569.95 to $599 on online stores.


KEF Universal Wireless System is an amazing wireless system that gives high performance audio solutions to wired speaker systems. You can hear a crystal clear quality sound from these by using it as add-ons to you present rear surround sound system set up. It can be used with any brands of speakers and can be placed anywhere in the room and still receiving astounding quality sound. The KEF universal wireless system unit consists of transmitter, a set of receivers and power adaptors that are small in size and can be easily concealed. The system is easy to set up and requires three AC plugs connecting the main parts to the receiver speakers and adapter. To give you a powerful sound experience KEF Universal Wireless System uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology that has advanced error protection and adaptive frequency hopping to give you a signal transmission without any interference and hitches. You can place the KEF Universal Wireless System in any part of the room or move to anyplace as line of sight is not required for transmissions from transmitters to speakers and still can get exceptional sound quality and clarity. The KEF Universal Wireless System is high on pricing but an exceptional high quality product because of its sheer sound quality and high performance.

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