Best apps for the Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia is beloved by many for its smart, colourful looks and its stylish live tiles homepage. If you have one of the Nokia Lumia phones, you will already have a number of apps as they come preloaded with some very useful ones. There is the integrated Drive sat nav and a maps location tool. The Nokia Music app is one of the best.

The innovative City Lens allows you to find out a lot more about the location you are in. Just by holding the phone up and pointing it at your surroundings it will tell you what shops and restaurants and other businesses and places of interest are nearby. By tapping on one of the businesses you can read reviews, get directions and find links to relevant websites. It is an equally useful tool for finding out about a place you are planning to visit. Just load that area on Microsoft Bing maps and City Lens will tell you all about it. Once you have had your phone for a day or two though and played with the preloaded apps you will want to add some extras. Which are the best ones around?

BBc iPlayer

It has been a long wait for Windows phone users but finally the BBC has produced a version of iPlayer for them. There is the full seven day archive of programmes, radio playback and 3G streaming. You do have to have Windows Phone 8 though so those with older phones will continue to miss out. Time to sell your old Nokia phone and update to a new one maybe?


Instagram for android phones has cornered the market for photography apps. It is not available for the Windows phone, however, but do not despair. Lomogram does just the same. You can choose from lots of different filters, frames and lighting effects and then upload your masterpieces onto Facebook and Twitter with ease.

BT Wi-Fi

If you are a BT subscriber and download this app, your phone will automatically connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you are. No passwords, no costs, just free internet, instantly.


Runtastic is a sports tracker that uses GPS to estimate how many calories you have used during your run, your average speed and your distance. GPS only works if you are on the move, of course and so for those who are working out in a gym, there is the option of adding times and distances manually. The app comes with a live tile for your home page which will always take you speedily to your monthly stats: a great motivator.


Using the live tiles homepage to great advantage, Battery is a great app for those who want to eke out more life from their phone’s battery charge as well as for those number fans, who love statistics. By touching one of the Battery icons you can find out when you last charged your phone, how much charge you have left and how long it will last. The Longest Battery Life Time option is an easy and efficient way to extend your phone use time.

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