What to expect from Nokia Gem?

The concept like Nokia Gem is an All-Touch-Screen phone that changes every time you use a different function. This concept was pioneered by Mr. Jarkko Saunamaki who is senior design manager in Nokia and though it will a long wait before we find this phone in market, the company pointed it out that this phone is a proof that they are committed  towards development of game-changing technologies. Both the designers Wenhing Chu & Kok Keong Wong have previewed a futuristic transparent touch phone with twin-splitting displays on design blog Yanko Design in September.

nokia gem

This Finland based company which manufactures handsets, has introduced a brand new smartphone on the eve of the silver anniversary of the research center of Nokia. Its entire body will act as a touch screen. Nokia Gem is like a priceless stones as because just like the precious stones which have many sides, the front and the back and the obvious sides in the phone works as an interactive display. These displays change, according to whatever application you will be using at that time. For example suppose you are using an app for navigation on this cell phone, you can see a map showing overview on one side and then turn it over to check out the more detailed map about your present position in the city. In the video mode, another instance has been shown where the girl clicks a photo. Then she uses the touch-screen feature of cell phone to wrap that complete image around the phone as wallpaper. As there are no such things as buttons on this phone, so gestures and actions are used to use apps, for example you draw a circle to use the camera app.

nokia gem

The most important feature is the technology which Nokia Gem uses to interact with various other cell phones. Now suppose you use an application on this phone. Let us suppose that you use the camera; when you do so, still your mobile phone will look like a cell phone. But with Nokia Gem, when you use the camera function, the whole phone will look like a camera. Then you can see one wrapped image around the camera, just like you saw in that cool video where the lady clicks some wallpaper and then uses it as the art for her own cell phone casing. No default appearance will find with it.

nokia gem

Games lovers will generally find that it looks a lot like, for example, a gaming pad. It is called Nokia Gem because just like the polished precious stones which have many sides, it also has many sides. This phone would be also able to display images in 3D as it allows view from all possible angles. But according to Jarkko, the most important use of this phone would be the interaction between its various sides and its ever changing appearance. This new mobile phone is a concept phone which utilizes the entire device.

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