Nokia Asha: A New Hope in Nokia Series

nokia asha

Everybody is familiar with the brand name Nokia in the field of mobile phones and has made a big name in the market. To add to its successful list, it has launched a new range of Asha (means hope in Hindi) phones.  Four new ranges of phones under the banner of Nokia Asha series are, 200, 201, 300 and 303. All the series has a loud stereo sound.

Nokia Asha Phones

Nokia Asha 200 and 201 are lookalike to the Nokia C3.  Whereas Asha 200 has dual SIM and 201 has single SIM device with a QWERTY keypad. Nokia has incorporated the WhatsApp messenger in the 40 series. Both the devices have up to 32 GB memory storage. They can download and run simple Java applications, in addition to the already build in applications. Pre-installed software has a web browser, a music player that has a good loudspeaker like MP3. The Asha 200 can take two SIMs at the same time, and the built in SIM manager helps to handle up to five different SIM cards. The slots for the second SIM is in the side of the phone, and the cool feature is that they can be hot-swapped .These two series caters to the younger generation with its cool and stylish features.

nokia asha

Nokia Asha 300 is a touch and type phone which is powered by a 1GHz Processor. It comes in traditional 12 key numerical pads and visual rendering touch screen. The design has a classic look for monoblock device. The built in quality is solid, stylish and powerful for a non smartphone class device. It has a 5 megapixel camera on the rear side and can be used for social networking, like chatting etc. It also has a music player with a good sound and 32 MB extendable storage.

Nokia Asha 303 looks like Asha 300 and has a good display capacity. It is a part of Asha collection of S40 series of touch and type feature phones. Comparing all the above Asha series, 303 is the most powerful and interesting series.  It has a 2.6” capacitive touch screen and a combo of keyboard. It also has a 5MP camera at the back. The screen is sunlight visible and you can easily connect to facebook, twitter, it also has the Nokia maps of 40 series. Therefore it depends on your need and amount of work you do through your phone.

All the Nokia Asha series phones are quite affordable, as it can fit in any pocket, stylish with rich in features compared to other phones available in the market. The colors are attractive and young generation must have one of these phones in order to suit their taste and pocket.

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