Nokia 5250 – Less in price, Less in features

Nokia 5250 is a Touch Screen Smartphone that runs on Symbian OS is the cheapest Smart Phone that will be available for 145 $ by the last quarter of 2010. In order to give away a Smart Phone for such a low price, Nokia had to give up some features that were present in its earlier version.

Nokia 5250 Review

Nokia 5230 that was released last year had features like 3.2” inches screen, 3.6 Mbps High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) mobile broadband and Assisted GPS (A GPS) Support that was priced at 188 $.

But, the new Nokia 5250 comes 43 $ (approx) lesser than Nokia 5230 and has no 3G and A GPS support, and the touch screen display is only 2.8 inches (4 inch less than Nokia 5230).

Nokia had said that this new handset will feature a Home Screen access to E Mail, Social Networks like FaceBook, Music Player, and Guitar Hero 5 game and a FM Radio.

CCS Analyst Geoff Blaber said that, “Nokia is trying to bring down the cost of Smart Phones in order to make their handsets and (OVI App and Music store) services to reach all the customer’s hands. But, Nokia had took some tough decisions to reduce the cost of the handset to 145$. These low cost handset cant challenge high end smart phones, but could compete with mid rated smart phones from LG, Samsung, and others. But, Nokia is under pressure because of low priced handsets from Chinese companies”

Nokia 5250 does not offer many features, but yea it is the cheapest smart phone that you can buy.

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