Latest BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 Review

The latest mobile phone launched by Blackberry in the mobile market is its Blackberry Pearl 3G 9105. This mobile phone is already found in the hearts of the several people. This mobile phone is pretty astounding and it has superb features and it is considered to be one of the best mobile phones in the market.

As comparing the Blackberry Pearl 9105 3G with the other mobile phones in the market, Pearl 9105 3G weighs just 93.6 grams which means that it is very good pocket sized one than the no of mobiles phones in the market.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105

This handset can be obtained in different types of colors. The different types of color that can be obtained are red, black, white, pink and purple. So according to your flavor you can choose from these different types of colors. Each year the technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper. It is just the style of the mobile phone which really makes them to be more popular among the other cell phones. With this pocket sized mobile phone you can show off your bold fashion statement.

In today’s world we all want our mobile phone to have enough amount of memory space to store all our favorite audio files, video files, image files and office docs. This handset comes with an internal storage of 256 MB which is very well enough for us to store our basic needs. This model comes with a micro SD card slot to store your additional files. This handset comes with preinstalled 2 GB micro SD card which provides storage regardless what your demands and there is also extension memory up to 32GB of memory.

The phone directory present in this blackberry Pearl 3G slot in Blackberry’s supreme photo call function; which allows each of your contact number in your cell to be specified by an image which is displayed on the screen whenever they call to you. This will not ever make confusion that which person is calling you this time.

It is important that every SmartPhones has high character presentations. The Blackberry Pearl comes with a TFT screen which has the potential to display as many as 25k colors and with a pixel result of 360 X 400.

Every SmartPhones sports built in camera and this handset also sports built in camera. Pearl comes with a 3.15 MP camera. There’re also image enhancing features like LED flash and auto-focus to give the pictures a pro sense no matter what you point at.

You might be curious what’s that lies behind all these functions. This mobile phone uses the Blackberry functioning system and it uses a 624 MHz processor for a rapid reaction time and remarkable operation.

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