Comparison between the new models of cellphone

A cell phone allow us to stay connected with our family members and friends. These days the use of mobile phones is not limited to calls, people also uses mobile phones as computer, cameras and fun because of internet services. There are many benefits of new cell phones and services given by the service providers like by using the internet services you can finish your office work and and enjoy playing games or you can browse many websites etc.

New Models of Cell Phone

The mobile companies are competing with each other, every day we hear news of advanced technology mobile. The major reason behind this is the increase of many mobile companies. The cell phone companies are now manufacturing very high price mobiles empowered with Wi-Fi and touch-system technologies. There is a big demand of mobiles having touch-system and Wi-Fi technology. Now days the famous companies for these mobiles are Android Inc., R.I.M and Apple.

Besides these companies there are many other great mobile companies in the market, as the Google has also invented a cell phone named Google Android. The Android Inc. has made a great effort to make this mobile. It is a very advanced and newish mobile in the market; it has many great features like RAM, memory, processor, and a lush camera, touch system, Wi-Fi and many other things in only one device it can also be used as a PC. According to a recent research, there is a big demand of this mobile in US and it is placed on the top of the smartphone category. The Black Berry OS is on the second and iOS (apple iPhone) is on the third place. These smartphones are indeed very fascinating.

A Canadian company (RIM) has introduced the cell phone blackberry storm. It has the same features as Android, but the android has an advanced technology as compared to it for this reason it is placed on the first rank. There are few other reasons like body shape colors, another major reason is, the blackberry storm is only touch system but the android has also a slide keyboard. The mobile which ranks third according to the new research is the Apple iPhone 3G.

There are few reasons which lead the iPhone on the third number like the retreat of the technology, like the blackberry storm and android has 3.2 MP cameras and the iPhone3G has 2MP camera, likewise the Android has the 32GB memory and the iPhone has 8-16 GB memory. The iPhone has no Java facility. The other functions almost remain same.

Above we talked about the top 3 newish mobiles. Some other famous mobile companies are Nokia, Samsung etc., these companies also make these types of cell phones and they have also a great demand due to their lower price. These companies are also making newish mobiles and also simple mobiles which do not have touch system, Wi-Fi and other great features but the Bluetooth and camera in these mobiles is the center of attention for the people. These companies give a great facility to the people who cannot afford mobiles like android, blackberry, iPhone and other costly mobiles.

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