Why Mobile phones are called as Smartphones? | What are SmartPhones?

Smart Mobile Phones

These days word smart is used for all the technology products say smart computers, smart cars and smart machines. Mobile phones have recently got a new name and some of them are now called as smartphones. Here, I am going to talk about the features which make mobile phone a smartphone.

Smartphone feature 1: Internet Browsing:

The days are gone when mobile phones were only used for the purpose of communication. Now, you can run your own empire over them. The feature of internet browsing is an added advantage in mobile phones. This feature allows you to do your favorite activities online and also stay in touch with your close friends.

The best thing is you don’t need to learn anything new to enjoy this feature. What is the need of learning when you have familiar browsers and interfaces available for your Smartphone? Firefox has recently launched mobile version of browser. Firefox mobile browser and opera mini mobile browser for your Smartphone gives you same user experience as you get in your laptop. Firefox has also included 40+ add-ons for Firefox mobile browser which allow you to customize your internet experience.

Smartphone feature 2: New Interface:

Mobile companies like Microsoft and Apple has understood the need of customizability. That’s why Microsoft and Apple have come up with new interfaces. The launch of Windows Phone 7 and Apple iPhone 4 has proved that mobile companies are trying to make phones as customizable as possible. These smartphones have every single feature as that of a laptop and gives you same experience.

Microsoft has replaced their old windows media player with Zune music service and also added integration with Xbox 360. Through which you can set up your avatar, status up to date all the time.

Smartphone feature 3 : Slicker interaction:

The size of mobile phones is continuously decreasing. Evolution of touch screen mobile phones has resulted into drop of keypad. The next advancement is multi-touch screen. Multi-touch allows you to perform more than one task simultaneously. With the help of single touch you can reach contacts, application or your facebook profile with a single touch. Recently a British firm Pelikon has designed a display which allows you to change the pattern of your keypad. You can change action of letters to do perform some other task for you. The company said this feature can be added into any Smartphone with a price as little as $10. This is going to be biggest boom of the season.

With these many new features, mobile phones can really be called as Smartphones. Aren’t they?

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