What browser is suited for your work? Find best browser for you

The latest Web browser statistics shows that internet explorer still remains the most famous, with a market share of 60%, which includes all the versions of from 6 to 8.  The 2nd place is occupied by Firefox with 24 percent and the third place is occupied the 3rd place with 7 percent.

Which is the best browser?

The Firefox won the approval from IBM Company when it declared the last week Firefox was “enterprise-ready”. Now the open- source browser is going to be preinstalled on all the new IBM’s computers. More than 4 lacks IBM employees and its vendors are insisted to utilise and support the Firefox.

Another open-source competitor is the Google chrome web browser and it is racing like a tortoise slowly and steadily making its move in the browser competition. For so many years I have used Firefox, but still I am very much impressed with the growing advantages of Google chrome’s.  The entire 3 web browser has some similar features like an integrated search engines, Rss feeds, tabbed browsing and automatic updates.

Among the 3 top web browsers Firefox is having the best address, wider add-on library and it is always quicker than the other browsers. For instance, the pages are getting loaded instantly and also they are crystal clear and accurate whereas the IE is dead slow, crashing and burning, which makes me to restart frequently; though IE version 8 has the restore feature.

Both the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer allowing the users to save tabs and adapt settings, chrome doesn’t. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer also providing the parental control and the spell check features, but yet chrome doesn’t. Google chrome and Internet Explorer offers us thumbnail view and can synchronize the browser setting across the PCs, where Firefox doesn’t. But these are the trivial features and these entire things can be added up easily in all 3 browsers by the developers in the future.

From the day one Google’s Chrome is working really faster than the Mozilla Firefox. The unique feature that I like is the chrome divides the computer thread for every tab, which means that if any one tab freezes, the entire browser doesn’t get crashed. And the other special thing about the Google Chrome is that it automatically updates the new versions by itself.

Still Firefox has the biggest add-on library and internet explorer is not bad, but the advantage of chrome is developing daily.  Chrome has third parties app and native support for the programs like Flash and Adobe PDF files scripts are found.

It’s really tough to choose the best browser between IE, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. According to me both the Firefox and Google chrome are far better than IE.

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