Unlocking your SmartPhones and Software is Lawful

The copyright office of US has given exception for a copyright law. This gives lawful security for those users who have jailbreaked or unlocked their SmartPhones like iPhones from Apple or other Android mobiles. Jailbreaking means modifying the phone settings made by the service providers. From the introduction of the iPhones of Apple in 2007, the jailbreaking has been done by several users across the globe.

iphone jailbreaking

This act of giving exception to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) by the US copyright office would demoralize mobile producers like Apple capability to have an impact on the setup of Software Programmers for their products. Library of Congress embodies this US copyright office.

The Library of Congress has the power or control to give exceptions to active copyright policies. On a report, the LOC has announced that, Users can get around the functionality of the mobile to use any unapproved software apps. The rule also says that Users can also change to any Wireless Service Providers that they wish to have on their mobile without any restrictions. Considering the case of Apple, at present in the US, the AT&T has been the only Wireless Service Provider for it.

Electronic Frontier Foundation was the one who was fighting for the exception of copyright laws issued a statement. The statement said that, “Nearly million iPhone Users have unlocked or jailbreaked their mobiles for changing Wireless Service Providers”.

On that point, A spokesman from Apple has said to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) that, “Jailbreaking the iPhone will cause reduction in the performance that you experienced from it and if you do so, it means that you are breaching the warranty and will cause instability and unreliability issues on your iPhones”.

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