Tab Candy in Mozilla Firefox 4 makes it better than Chrome

Earlier this year, Firefox released a browser (Firefox 4) that looked like a clone of Google Chrome, which has made them to maintain their reputation. Now, the latest creation termed as Tab Candy will make Firefox work like an OS, with a better sharing facilities and increased multitasking. When this comes into existence, Firefox can surely overtake the Google Chrome considering the Functionality.

Mozilla tab candy

Jef Raskin is the creator of Macintosh and his son Aza Raskin is now head of the Tab Candy development. On the year 2008, Aza Raskin joined Mozilla when his company Humanized acquired by Mozilla.

“How many of them would like to have their tabs opened for reading it later or working on it? We all are suffering from infogult. We have to find a method to systematize browsing in order to view all the tabs simultaneously and centre on the process we have”.

Tab Candy features:

Manage your tabs in groups by naming them in a desktop view format

Tab groups can be saved for later view

Search the tab you want from

Multiple session logins on the same site with different tab groups

Share Tab groups across different PCs

Share tab groups with other Users

Shared tab allows several user to browse simultaneously and view what others are viewing on the same screen.

Change the themes to differentiate each tab groups.

Raskin’s Tab Candy will restore the last pride of the Firefox. Google with its new innovations in its Chrome browser has reduced the reputation of Firefox and has attracted most of the web users.

Firefox has not announced when it will release the Tab Candy. During the release of Firefox, Tab Candy was displayed in grey as Firefox 4’s new feature. “The reason for the Tab Candy being displayed in grey in the product plan is because there are many challenges and issues to be solved in its implementation. After answering some user feedback problems only Tab Candy will be integrated into Firefox 4”.

Mozilla tabs Good experience

CSS, HTML and Java Script are used to develop Tab Candy and what it can do is wonderful. Other view would be that, Mozilla hasn’t been boasting about its Tab Candy feature.

Though Firefox 4 looks like Google chrome, with the integration of this Tab Candy will restore the lost pride of Mozilla.

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