Sprint will provide Froyo for HTC EVO 4G from August 3

Now it has been announced officially that, from next week onwards HTC EVO 4G of Sprint will be getting Froyo.

From August 3, Tuesday, based on the statement that was posted on Thursday night in the Sprint’s web site, “Sprint will start to give Android 2.2 upgrade for the EVO 4G users”. Sprint said that the upgrade will be given to the EVO users in Waves. Every EVO user should be having their software upgraded by the middle of August.

Sprint will provide Froyo for HTC EVO 4G from August 3

All the EVO users will get a notification on their handset when the software upgrade becomes available. The software upgrade will be sent to every EVO mobile wirelessly and will be automatically upgraded. If you are not ready to wait, you can manually download the software upgrade and install them from August 3. You will have go to the “System Updates” section in the handsets main settings present in the Menu and to select the ‘HTC software upgrade’ option and make the installation process to start.

Story of EVO 4G having Froyo

On Thursday, the news about EVO 4G having Froyo was headlined online, which was evident from the Sprint memo that was posted in the Engadget tech blog. It was not official but the dates specified were confirmed now.

The memo in Engadget stated that, Sprint will give Android 2.2 upgrade, new widgets for home screen, flash light mode for camera and enhanced video recording options.

The memo said that the upgrades were brought for competitive reason, which is evident now as this Sprint will be 1st to give Android 2.2 for customers.

But, EVO is not the first as the Nexus One from Google has got it a month before. But, EVO getting upgraded with Froyo will be given by Sprint (1st wireless service provider) but Nexus One was by Google directly.

The Droid Incredible and Droid X are likely to get Froyo as well. Some say that it will come during late summer and some say it will be available by 2 weeks.

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