Sony Cyber-Shot Cameras – 3D shooting : Review and Specifications

Sony’s 3D capability cameras is not a new concept but 2 new products of it are added to the Cyber-shot series, which are first point and shoot cameras providing 3D image Capability with a sole lens to create 3D photos.

The DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 Cyber shots was released last year and the successors of these 2 gives the 2 new products which are Sony’s Exmor R CMOS sensor based Cyber shot, DSC-TX9 and DSC-WX5. These 2 new cameras feature many in-camera options and panorama mode. There is a 3rd point and shoot camera that works on the CCD sensor called DSC-T99 which has got no 3D panorama.

Sony Cybershot 3D

Dual Lens, 3 Dimensions

The Cameras produce 3D images in this ways. They actually have a dual lens system, in which the 2 lens are kept apart from each other like that of a person eyes. When a photo is taken, 2 offset images are produced which are laid upon each other to produce a visual 3D effect with various in camera settings. (Some are red/blue filters, polarization methods, projecting photos on a display screen).

Both the cameras possess the dual lens system which allows it to take advantage of the Sony’s Sweep panorama mode, where the shutter button is clicked once and the camera can revolve around taking a discrete scene of images which will be stitched together to produce a 3D panorama image finally.

The images produced will be several offset images which produce the 3D effect. To view the 3D effect, the image should be observed with a HDTV set via 3D glasses. You can make use of Sony Bravia HDTV and the company’s 3D glasses to have the best compatible 3d view of the image.

Though, this looks costly but to experience the 3D technology, it is essentially needed as the 3D view produced of that HDTV gives a high quality 3D effect, where the images were found to have depth as it was popping in front of the glass.

Alpha NEX-3 and Alpha NEX-5 were given some software update to integrate this panorama effect into them, which enabled the cameras to have good start up times and long life for batteries.

WX5 Specs and Features:

The WX-5 features a 12 MP, 5X optical zoom lens (24 to 120mm in 35 mm film) and has got many other interesting modes other than its 3D shooting and panorama modes.

One mode is Superior Auto mode just like that of Twilight mode, where you can take fast moving continuous noiseless photos.

The second mode is Sweep Multi Angle, you can take continuous photos of a scene across multiple angles and after that they can be viewed by tilting them, side to side in all directions.

WX5 has got no manual controls but only a more granular photo controls with several shooting modes. For instance, Background Defocus gives a depth in field effects, Backlight Correction HDR and Handheld Twilight modes for varying light conditions. WX5 can record at 17 Mbps 1080i/60 fps AVCHD video and will be ready for release by Sep for 300$.

TX9 Specs and Features:

TX9 is a 3.5 inch diagonal touch screen enabled and features 12 MP camera, 4X zoom lens (25 to 100mm), and has the same recording capability as that of the WX5. It has also got all the features and shooting modes of the WX5 and will be available for sale by Sep for 400$.

TX99 Specs and Features:

T99 has a 14 MP camera and 4X zoom and contains the panorama effect and 720p HD recording as MPEG-4 files and will be available in Sep for 250$.

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