Now YouTube Supports Up To 15 Min

At the beginning the user-made videos have been limited up to 10 min by YouTube, but now YouTube is ready to offer 15min per user-made video.

YouTube said that its Content ID system makes possible to add extra 5 minutes. Content ID is used by all the major movie studios and also the music labels to sniff out the copyright material, and technology enhanced enough, YouTube affords to relax the uploading limit, which was launched to keep off the pirated TV shows and movies from the site. Content partners like CBS was able to upload lengthy videos, including full length TV shows and films.

Youtube 15 min video
The limit raised by YouTube to 15 min makes me and other people happier. The number of video which will be benefiting this 5 min extra time – how to videos, homespun sitcoms, video-games walkthroughs etc.

Right now, I just wonder 2 things: when will be this uploading limit increases again and why not extended to 2o min? Joshua Siegel, Product Manager said on a YouTube’s blog that the site will be doing whatever it can to launch the incremental improvements in the coming years, which wasn’t a satisfying answer. Perhaps the content partners are not totally comfy with the user made videos that matches length of a commercial free TV show or maybe YouTube fears the bandwidth demands a twenty min may bring.

Whatever it maybe, it is a good thing that YouTube is increasing the Upload limit for the peoples to enjoy the extended minutes. Is there any guess when does YouTube will afford 2 hour films from its users?

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